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Akaicon 2019 Review

It has been a long month for me and I'm doing my best to try to keep up with all my stuff, but now that Akaicon is over, I can finally take some time to myself, and get right back into the fray of orders. Akaicon is my very favorite convention to attend, but I am going to give an honest review of this weekend.

Akaicon 2019 was able to celebrate their 7th year, with their theme being "Senshi," a celebration of all things Magical. Setting up Thursday, we came and were quickly helped and lead to our booth space, as well as making sure I had enough space and help. They let us know when we had 15 minutes, 10 minutes, and when the hall was closed to finish setting up. Staffers were well-informed about hours of operation and when the vendors could come into the convention center before open.

Friday morning, after a wonderful evening relaxing and having dinner at Sake (If you haven't been, their food is really good), my S.O. and I went to the hall in our cosplays, and were warmly received. There was no problem getting our badges (some conventions make you go to registration for them, this just streamlined the process), and we were able to finish setting up without any problem. There were staff members posted at the ends of the aisles to make sure that attendees weren't getting in the way until the hall opened, and they even announced a few minutes before so that everyone knew what was going on. I made off pretty well, and received a lot of compliments not only on my wares, but Tolia (S.O.) and I's cosplays, and I even got to make new friends and read some fortunes. Everyone that had me read tarot cards were all kind of spooped by how well I could read them and explain some of the parts they might not have understood.

Later that evening, I participated in my first Cosplay Risque Competition. I was absolutely terrified, but with the loving support of all the other competitors, I was able to make it through. No one was the exact same body type. We had beautiful people of all sizes and shapes, as well as genders. If you missed out on the Austin Powers routine, you are very much missing out, and I am so so sorry. It was beautiful and even overloaded a circuit. That issue was quickly resolved and only took a couple minutes before they were able to continue on with their performance. Staff made sure we were taped up, hydrated, and well taken care of in order to do our performances. Several people came up after the show to congratulate me and tell me that they loved my performance. It was a huuuuuuge confidence booster that I really needed. I definitely cannot wait for next year, where I will hopefully be more prepared and actually take time to practice.

Saturday morning, I was first to be pre-judged for my Slayer Jinx. The judges were fantastic, attentive, and asked a ton of questions to get a better idea on how I built my cosplay. They were super polite and asked to hold my weapons and showed genuine interest. Akaicon couldn't have picked better judges for this year. The contestants that won were absolutely deserving of their wins, including my friend Lauren (@tsundragon on instagram) with her Hiei cosplay. She won Best in Show and I couldn't be more proud of her. I loved seeing all the cosplays and talking with some of the other contestants about their cosplays and cheering each other on. I honestly felt the crowd could have given better energy. That was my one huge gripe. The attendees were really quiet and not very welcoming. I threw out my voice trying to get people to be louder and get everyone pumped for all the contestants. I especially loved the Hero Senshi cosplayers and the Midna. All the contestants did fantastic, and I am so proud of every single one of them.

I immediately had to go back to my booth after the contest to take my wig off, since it was super heavy, and I feel so terrible for telling a few people that I wasn't able to put the wig back on for photos. I was exhausted and felt poopy, but I still had people come up and tell me they thought I was amazing, which fueled me through taking photos with Lauren in Kurama. I cannot wait to show those photos to you, because they spicy and great. I then turned around and got into Sasuke, and even just walking down the hall, so many people complimented me. This is why it's my favorite convention: There's so much positivity and love. From Staff, Volunteers, Attendees. I cannot get over how amazing everyone is. I was able to shoot with Hyphanation_Creations. I am SO excited to be able to show you guys these photos, you don't even know. Afterwards, I left, because I needed sleep. I heard the rave was fantastic, but I can't comment on it.

Sunday was a pretty relaxed day. I had my panel for Cosplay Organization 101, and although the room wasn't packed, I still had a few people that showed up to the panel and were extremely attentive and even wrote down notes! Almost everyone asked questions and I even got to gush about my ideal Organization room for my cosplays. They brought up some really good points on things I can add into my panel, so I am pumped to add and revise my slides. I had plenty of people come up to my booth on Sunday and were extremely excited about the Hoenn quilt, as well as potentially ordering new kigus (I was able to cross off three new pokemon!) I was able to purchase from a few vendors, and talk to a bunch more about buying from them in the future! I will hopefully be able to feature them on here sometime in the future, or see them again. Upon breakdown, they made sure attendees did not get in the way of vendor teardown, and asked if we needed any help. The con heads came up and asked us how we did and if there was anything they could improve upon, which is sooooo ahead of a lot of other conventions I have vended at.

I cannot wait for next year, and I hope that I will see you guys in Tennessee! You can check out their website here: www.akaicon.com and I give this con an 9.9/10 for all their amazing work.

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