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Anime Senpai 2019 Review

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

It's been a hot minute since I have written on my blog. Life has been incredibly busy, but with me scratching my eye, I'm trying to relax and take it easy, but it's actually pretty hard to do that with another con looming over me! Anime Senpai celebrated its second year of being a three day convention, sharing space with a hot tub/spa sale. Please remember that the convention itself can't control what happens during the convention. If two events were willing and able to pay for the same weekend, and the convention center had the space to accommodate both, why shouldn't they?

Friday: This was a pretty slow day, but there isn't much to say about that, since the convention started at 3 and the artist alley was open till 8. I didn't check their schedule, but it seemed they had a pretty good selection of panels. This convention definitely is more meant for younger kids to young teenagers, so if you are a vendor, it's best not to have too "high" of prices, since most of these kids were probably only given about 20-50 dollars for the whole weekend. Since these are kids, and they are Anime kids, it was also probably a lot of their first conventions, so social cues weren't exactly up to standard. As long as they weren't too bad, I didn't feel the need to correct them. It's our job as older anime peeps to teach our younger kids how to behave.

Saturday: Was actually pretty busy. The halls were pretty cramped, and we only had one incident that I was present for where I had to yell at some kids for running into another artists display, knocking over their drink glasses, which could have been dangerous to them and others. I know that the private security team was a bit rude to con-goers, yelling at them to move to a specific area, then telling them to move from there. I believe what should happen next year (if they are hired back) is that they should do a full rundown on what they should be yelling at and what they shouldn't. From what I was told, weebs were basically not allowed anywhere, and when they aren't blocking the pathway, I don't see why they can't sit on the floor.

Photographer credit: The Fandom Father

I also was able to debut my Princess Tiana dress, and everyone loved it. It was such a positive welcome with my cosplay, and I appreciate all the love I received. I had entered her in the cosplay contest, and won Runner Up in Master Class, only second to Nwyfre Cosplay for his Hive Jump Cosplay! I believe everyone who received awards deserved to have them, which in my experience isn't always the case. So for that, I commend Anime Senpai for their fair judging. One problem that I did have with the contest was that it started at 7 and went until 8 pm. I feel that's really late for a convention to do that, so I was pretty confused. It also delayed both my friend Jay (who won Best in Journeyman for her Rapunzel cosplay, check out her socials under Blondecosplay) and myself to getting into our My Hero Bunnies.

Although Jay and myself weren't there at the beginning of our bunnies arriving, I heard that they all received a very warm welcome! So many people loved our Snacc Pack (Check us out on facebook! Or through Instagram @Snaccpackcrew) And even more people went crazy over our trading cards! That was a wonderful idea by Jay and y'all should be on the lookout for more ;) We only had one issue with unwanted touching, and again, it was a younger cosplayer who didn't really know boundaries. Please speak up if/when you see that. We stayed until around 9:15, then dipped to go to Taco Bell, but I was told that there was someone giving out Ecstasy and rubbing the stoner's feet. My friend told me about that, as well as a Spiderman cosplayer staring off into space behind my booth, high out of his mind. Luckily, nothing was stolen, and the Security team gently moved the Spiderman, and stayed where no one else could go behind my booth.

Speaking of Spidermen. I completely understand that this is a lot of people's first time to a convention in general, but I feel if you are on the internet for more than five minutes, there are at least 2-3 people telling everyone to wear dancer's belts. Normally, I don't call out people by name, because I feel it's really rude and unprofessional. But when you've been told on almost every single one of your posts in a cosplay group to wear a dancer's belt with your Spidey costume, and you don't actually do it, you gotta be called out. For someone trying to claim the name STL Spidey, you need to be an example for the 20+ other Spiderpeople in the convention. As my friend puts it, "If it looks like you have a crotch full of applesauce, you're doing something wrong." Truer words cannot be spoken. He also did a flip on stage for the cosplay contest, and almost flipped off the stage, which is extremely dangerous. It looked unpracticed and I worry that other kids are going to try that type of stuff as well.

Sunday: This was pretty relaxed, again, with not a ton of people. But it was nice to talk to people and catch up. I didn't make my sales goal this year, so I'm not sure I'm going to come back. (I want to, but I also have bills and orders that need to be taken care of) If you aren't a huge fan of crowds, or want to be in a smaller area, or you can't afford any huge cons, definitely come to Anime Senpai. It's not an expensive convention, and if you're within an hour drive of it, it's definitely a nice getaway for the weekend. If you want this convention to grow, don't ghost it. Don't let your friends ghost it. Support the convention so it can grow and not have another event with it.

Let me know if you have anything to add! I'd love to add in spectator's comments, and look forward to possibly seeing you next year!

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