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Couples who have shared interests usually stay together because they have something to grow together on. Cosplayers and photographers go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly, mac and cheese, or avocado and toast. Two photographers makes an even more potent couple because they can improve on each other's weak spots and help them excel in their strengths. Ectonemesis really packs the heat with their combined effort with cosplay photography!

What is your social media?

Cosplayers: @sunwolf.cos and @dontpaniccosplay

@ectonemesis (Instagram), Ectonemesis Photography (Facebook)

What got you into photography?

We are a couple who do photography together, so we started by doing amateur photoshoots for each other on our phones, and that evolved into doing it together as a business. Charlie (@cynemesis) took photography classes in high school, but dropped the hobby until recently. He has been teaching myself (@ecto.skeleton) how to take good photos while I take care of more of the business side of things.

Cosplayer: @kits_of_kats.cosplay

What's your favorite part of photographing Cosplayers?

Photographing cosplayers is so fun because they're in character, so it's interesting to play with expressions and poses that character would make, and help the cosplayer come out of their comfort zone and really take on the character fully. Plus the costumes, makeup, and props are so diverse!

Words of advice for budding photographers?

Cosplayer: @yandere_oji

We ourselves are still getting started! Our first con booking photoshoots was MomoCon 2019. Even so, based on that con our advice would be to have poses in mind for the cosplayers ahead of time. Research their character if you aren't familiar and save reference photos for poses. We did that for our first con and it helped a lot!

Favorite Genre/Fandom you enjoy photographing?

We love photographing for fantasy series! Our favorite so far was a group photoshoot for the Arcana. The costumes are so intricate and beautiful in fantasy series!

Favorite convention to Shoot at/attend, and why?

MomoCon has been the only convention we've done paid shoots at so far, but Anime Weekend Atlanta has the best outdoor photoshoot locations! There's a large park extremely nearby that has a variety of different outdoor settings to shoot in! We're very excited to book shoots there this year.

Cosplayer: @yuno.haley

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