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January Updates

It's been a hot minute since I've updated the blog. I'm really disappointed in myself with that, as I love writing and talking about cosplay, cosplayers, and so much more. This blog post is just to give you a little update about myself, where we are at with orders, and what the future holds for Seifer's Stitches.

Last year, I told everyone that I wanted to make a new cosplay each month. That obviously didn't happen, but I got over half of my goals done. I still haven't gotten prints done of Maya or Tiana. I would have been able to get these done, if I hadn't have needed to move. I was also more bogged down than I realized. I am still working on some of the Senpai orders (which I will get into shortly.) When taking on those three conventions, I didn't fully realize what I was getting into, and it didn't help that I dealt with my infected iris. That pushed me behind further than I really wanted to be. Between Youma and Daisho, I was awarded the opportunity to move into a healthier environment. Where I was living before honestly probably should have been condemned for the state it is in. I wasn't able to get what I wanted to done, and felt I couldn't allow guests in my own home. The house we were looking at needed to have the deposit the Monday after Daisho.

Once I got back from Daisho, I spent as much time as I could to pack, as well as finishing orders. So for the delay, I am so sorry. I had about 2 weeks to pack my entire life and move. It then took me a few days longer to get unpacked. And then the holidays came. All this delay is terrible and I'm truly disappointed in myself, but life happens. I'm working as hard as I can get orders and new products done. As far as cosplans this year, I have Haku (Spirited Away), Tiana's waitress outfit, Juri from Yu Yu Hakusho, Sailor Bakugou, Jojo Bunny, and possibly a few others. Obviously these will be worked on between orders to minimize further delay.

Speaking of orders, the next few I have on my queue are Doublade (currently working on before and after this article), a couple of ita bags, Bulbaloaf, Kero (Sakura) kigu, Buttstallion, and a Bunny kigu. If your commission isn't listed here, that doesn't mean I'm ignoring it, I just want to make sure I'm not overwhelming myself. I appreciate my customers reaching out, but when I am messaged, it distracts me from getting more progress. Unfortunately, at this point, I only have one employee sewing everything. If I could afford to take on an apprentice, I would gladly, but at this point, I'm not getting enough consistent orders to be able to do that.

That being said, I would love to start opening sewing/crafting classes this year, and am currently working on the class list. Most classes would be set for the weekend, but I would love to start selling video classes as well, for those of my followers who aren't within driving distance to meet me in person. This would include a video of me describing the project, a list of supplies you'll need (or you can buy a kit from yours truly in order to make it a bit easier on yourself. If you have any ideas on what classes you'd love to see from me, please message or comment.

I'd also love to guest at any con, so please message your conventions asking for Seifer's Stitches! I want to go to more conventions to meet you as well as provide my expertise in so many subjects. Again, if you have any questions or comments, please message, comment, or email myself so that I can address it! I love talking to you wonderful people and creating these amazing connections.

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