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Kagayakyu Hime

Finally getting back in the swing of things and getting to interview this heckin cutie to start the full week off right. Right now, their instagram is mostly wip shots, but that doesn't mean the work isn't quality. Honestly, I like being shown more Work in Progress shots while they are building their pieces so that I am still seeing their content and not forgetting about it. If you have any of their social medias, you should definitely check them out!

What are your social medias? Facebook: Kagayaku Hime, Twitter: @Kagayaku_Himeko, Instagram: @MillieFoxCosplay

How long have you been cosplaying? Off and on, it's been around 11 years of con cosplay!

What got you into Cosplay? A joint love of anime and costuming, really. I had already been doing theater since I was a kid, so costumes were part of life for a long time before taking the plunge. I found out about conventions and cosplay from a friend on a forum and from there it just kind of spiraled out of control. It's the ability to be cute, pretty, scary or any number of other things a given character can be, even if that's not how I normally am.

Favourite Costume? Was it bought or made? My current favorite costume is pretty simple, but comfortable to wear at a con for a long time. It'd be the basic school uniform for Uranohoshi Academy in Love Live! Sunshine!!, and I currently cosplay Kanan Matsuura. The costume has special meaning for me because she is a bit of an inspiration for me; when things get difficult or don't turn out quite the best way, she sets the example of being the one to support others with a kind word or a hug. It was also a cosplay I wore in public in Tokyo (no kidding!), unwittingly on Kanan's birthday. I got a picture request from a group of tourists in front of a display for her birthday at an arcade. Lots of good memories with this one. Due to my lack of a sewing machine while living in Japan, this costume was purchased.

What are your goals as a cosplayer? To keep pushing myself to be ambitious with cosplay plans - the greater the challenge, the more I'll learn and the greater the satisfaction when the job is done. I also really want to give representation to non-binary folks who might be intimidated by the idea of being so public with a cosplay that might not conform to what people expect of them. If I can make one person's day at a convention, that's mission accomplished. Of course I do also want to represent characters and series that aren't as well known or which get less attention. So I guess you could say my goal is also to show love for underappreciated games, anime and characters.

Which Cosplayer inspired you to cosplay? I started cosplaying before there were really any people famous for cosplaying. Or at least before there was anyone I was aware of. One of the cosplayers I find pretty awesome now is FleaCosplay, though!

Dream Cosplay? Too many to count. In terms of not having the courage to try yet, Sailor Jupiter in some form or other. In terms of it being too elaborate to make myself... Inahime from Samurai Warriors.

Favourite Skill of Cosplay? (Wig work, sewing, armor, etc) Since it's the only thing I can do reasonably decently... sewing!

Photographer credits: For Darjeeling: @cotton_kodame on Twitter, for Kanan: @cosplay_milky on Twitter

Please use the arrows on the sides of the photos to scroll through their photos!

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