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So, I finally get to feature one of my very favorite cosplayers. He's super talented and hard working and has faced so much adversity being a POC, Trans, and a Cosplayer. He's not one to really hide his emotions and I really feel that. I missed meeting him at Momocon this year and I am kicking myself for it. I do wish him the very best at Sabakon as a guest and finishing what he can for Blerdcon. You got this, dude!

What are your social media(s)?

@kingkitsu on Facebook and Instagram

@grandpaKitsu on Twitter

How long have you been cosplaying?

5 years

What got you into Cosplay?

An old highschool friend cosplayed Deadmau5 with me and we went to a con and I had an amazing time despite my extreme anxiety

Photog credit: @KnotttedProductions

Favourite Costume? Was it bought or made?

Vanitas, everything was made! Wig, X-blade, suit and all!

What are your goals as a cosplayer?

I don't really have any? I do want to be able to guest and attend cons where I can speak up about making the cosplay community better and how to support others better. I also want to go to an international convention!

Which Cosplayer inspired you to cosplay?

Nobody really. If anything my friends around me encouraged me to keep cosplaying

Dream Cosplay?

Master Xehanort from Kingdom Hearts

Favourite Skill of Cosplay? (Wig work, sewing, armor, etc)

I'm more proud of how my sewing projects and foam projects turn out in the end though I like all the skills for cosplay making! I do favor sewing and foam crafting more because I can have fun with LED's

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