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I always love when my friends allow me to interview them because I can gush and talk about how awesome they are. Lightning bug is such a sweet, kindhearted person and I love being around them because they always push me to be a better person and cosplayer. Although we LIVE for tea, we're always super supportive of each other and those around us. I love this cutie so much and you should too, but not just because I say so.

Where can we find your social media(s)? Lightningbug cosplay (IG, FB (not really used), and TikTok)

How long have you been cosplaying? Since 2012, but I really threw myself into it in 2016

What got you into Cosplay? I loved Halloween and making costumes and it wasn't until one of my best friends wanted to drag me to a con that I started cosplaying.

Favourite Costume? Was it bought or made? Queen Chrysalis and Coco Adel, both made

What are your goals as a cosplayer? To improve my craft

Which Cosplayer inspired you to cosplay? Professionally speaking, MangoSirene (now Fawnina), Axcelration, and Hatter Insanity

Dream Cosplay? Dinah's plague dress from Bizemghast

Favourite Skill of Cosplay? (Wig work, sewing, armor, etc) Sewing

Photographer credits: Artemis is Mouzeycat Cosplay Photography, Mimikyu is Dan Hass, and Ragdoll was taken by BlondeCosPhotog

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