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Making a Foam Wig

I didn't take a lot of photos while I was trying to crunch out Maya and Zer0, and I am so terribly sorry about that, so there won't be a full tutorial like there was for the previous costumes. I may do a few highlighting specific parts, and put them under the Maya and Zer0 folder. This was a really stressful time that I was working through, so please bear with me. I'd like to first talk about how I made Maya's foam wig. I actually decided to do it this way, because I could guarantee that the foam would be manipulated in the way I needed it rather than taking a gamble on a wig wig. I looked up a couple tutorials, and decided to wing it.

The reference for the wig. Mine is black because the skin I went with has a different color palette

Supplies you'll need:

  • cling wrap/saran wrap

  • Male wig head (more accurate to human proportions)

  • Painter's tape

  • Marker

  • 2 mm foam in your color choice

  • Scissors and a foam cutting knife

  • Foam sealer (plastidip/mod podge/etc)

  • Paint

You'll need a friend to help you start this, so conscript your favorite minion to help you wrap your head in the cling wrap, and then tape along your hair line. You should get something like this:

I started it off on my head, but moved it to the wig head to get better photos of it. Now, you'll need to mark lines where it bends so that you can get as smooth a base for the wig form as possible. Mine didn't come out super smooth, but that's fine because I was going to cover it with a ton of small foam for it. If you need less to cover the wig form, I would definitely suggest making it more smooth by creating more, smaller cuts on the pattern before you place it down on the foam.

Once you've cut your pattern out, trace it out onto the foam. I unfortunately don't have photos of this, but it's super easy, and is just a little tedious. Remember to mirror your pattern so that you get one right side and one left side, or else you're going to wind up with only half a wig! Glue the two hemispheres together and let it dry for a few minutes (I used hot glue) and then start the gluing process! Make sure you have a ton of reference photos on hand to make sure you have all the angles you need.

I started with the back, starting at the bottom, slowly moving up from there. I specifically tried to pattern it so that I didn't need multiple strips and that I could cover the seams, since mine were a little ugly. It does fit super tight, so be aware of that. I got a headache from wearing mine too long. Moving up the wig, I tried to move up to the back crest where the huge hole is, then started on the sides and front, spiraling inward to the crown of the wig form.

Use different sized cuts and shapes to follow the pattern, but I also took a little artistic liberty, making sure that it completely covered my real hairline. You can always try it on and see how it looks and modify it before painting. It is a pretty slow process, so be sure to take breaks. I believe patterning took me about an hour, then cutting out the base took 20 minutes, then putting the foam pieces on the wig took almost two hours. As long as you remain patient, everything should come out on top.

Above is the finished product, before sealing and painting. I sealed mine with plastidip, but you can use Mod podge or any other foam sealer. Once the plastidip dries, you'll want to go over it with your paint. I specifically used acrylic, and tried to give it more depth to make it more 3D. After the paint dries, seal that in, and then finish it off with the cell shading. I used a fat sharpie to make the shade marks, and finished it off with a clear coat on top of the sharpie. You don't have to go through so many layers of sealant, I just did it because I'm paranoid. Try it on one last time to make sure it fits, and voila! You have a super nifty foam wig. It does get hot, so remember to stay hydrated!

(Use the arrows on the photos to scroll over and see more photos)

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