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May's Brainstorming

I know I don't have a ton of people subscribed to our newsletter just yet, so I thought I would just make a blog post running through my ideas for items I would like to make within the next month or so so that you guys might hold me accountable and I can get these bad boys done.

Cosplays: May's build is already finished, so I won't have to worry about this month's challenge, and can strictly focus on next month's builds.

If I do well at Momocon, I would really like to go ahead and get Sasuke's Shippuden outfit, as well as the items for the Bunny Suit group I have planned. I also need to get started/work on Tolia's Fire Nation Sokka cosplay. The wig for that came in yesterday, so I cannot wait to style that. This is all on top of getting Rubeus' stuff done for June's build. I don't think it's impossible, just banking on receiving the amount of orders I hope to get.

Prints: I have three cosplays currently that need to be shot to make up prints, those being Slayer Jinx, Rukia and Ichigo, as well as Maya and Zer0. I hope to get these knocked out in early June with Mouzycat, and hope to do a big release. If you are anxious and would like to get Chompette and Kurama prints before I head to Momocon, they are under the "Prints" area of the shop. Hopefully I can get Rubeus done before we shoot the three outfits so I can make it an even four.

Items to make: I guarantee I will be getting these makeup bags I posted about done before Momocon, but I would like to know if there are other designs you would like to see. Is there a specific fandom I can make designs from (besides My Hero, I do need to work on those), or should I give up the ghost with makeup bags? Speaking of bags, I recently kind of fell into the ita bag thing, and really want to try to make my own, so I am looking into making a prototype for my Bakugou-themed bag. If that comes out well enough I'd like to make others. If you have any ideas for those, please let me know. Are there any fandoms I should make kigus from?

Random Babbling: I am really close to 3500 likes on my Facebook, so I am looking into possibly doing a giveaway for that. I'm still not sure what the prizes should be, but I still have about 70 likes until we hit that milestone. I also would like to hit 1250 on Instagram before I do a giveaway there, so if you don't follow me, please do: @SeiferNoir . We are still about 135 likes away, but every like counts.

I'm also getting really close to finishing the Hoenn quilt, so please donate a ko-fi. It's $3USD and you can win a really nifty quilt that you can feel the love I have put into. I've had about 25 entries, and I'd really like to have more, if possible. Tell your friends, ask your parents, let everyone know.

If you guys have any ideas for articles I can write when I'm not featuring Cosplayers and Photographers, please let me know! I always struggle a bit with it, and would really like to have you guys come up with ideas. Or if you'd like to write an article of your own, I would love to feature it. Or if there is a cosplay build you would like to collaborate on, please reach out to me. Obviously I love cosplaying, and being able to cosplay with fans and friends would be really amazing.

Speaking of which, I would really like to guest at a couple cons this year, so reach out to your cons, let them know you want me there. I can only do so much on my end, and I would really like to be able to come see you, friends! The earlier you do it, the better. I am emailing about 6-8 months in advance, trying to get a guest spot. I would love to travel more, but without a little help, I am unable to go myself. Conventions can get expensive.

Final Thoughts: I really appreciate everyone and everything you do. You are all amazing and I can't believe I've come this far from creating crappy cosplays for myself, then for others, and now I'm traveling the US to sell kigus and meet people who think I'm really cool and want to talk to me about our mutual love for something. I can never thank you enough. I know I'm not a huge cosplayer like Phil Mizuno or Yaya Han, but you guys really give me hope that I might be like them someday.

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