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Momocon 2019 Review

I am finally back from Atlanta, and although I miss it, I am so happy to be back home. It has been a very stressful month, so it's nice for it to all be over, in order for me to finally get the orders finished (finally.) I'll write briefly about my doozy of a journey getting to Atlanta, and then go into the actual convention.

My Tuesday before the convention started with me trying to finish the last two kigus I wanted to bring to Momo, as well as last minute packing. I was so stressed, I became physically ill, so I was only able to sleep for about 3 hours before picking up my rental car and loading up. I quickly set off on the supposed 9 hour drive. Not even 2 hours into my trip, there was a three car fatality which made us crawl 2 miles into 2.5 hours. When I was finally able to get away from that and go an alternate route, there were at least three other accidents around the original one. So, eventually, we were delayed by 6 hours. Our trip turned into a 15 hour drive, and we were exhausted, not being able to set up on Wednesday night.

Setting up was a little bit of a mess, as I felt personally that there weren't enough signs to show me where I was going, so I went around in circles for a little until I could situate myself. Once we were able to load in, it was really easy, except trying to follow instructions to get to registration so I could get my badges. I'm not entirely sure how difficult it was to get if you were just an attendee, and I didn't have time to ask. Staffers were super helpful in getting me to the registration booth, and even when I left my stuff down in the vendors' hall, they let me get my badges. I met some very wonderful artists in my row and with the rest of the Artist Alley.

Thursday was pretty interesting to be a part of. I've never sold at a convention that is 4 days. So it felt like it was a day later than it actually was. I was able to meet some fantastic cosplayers, kids and adults alike. Like the photo to the left. These three siblings are super cute, with Naruto and Sakura looove Naruto, and unfortunately their brother got stuck with Sasuke, which is why he isn't nearly as enthusiastic as his siblings. I also love that their mother was so excited for them to cosplay. Maybe some time she'll cosplay as Kakashi-sensei to complete Team 7.

Everyone was super friendly and I kept hearing compliments around the vendors' hall and even after the hall closed and I was walking around. I was living for this positivity. I did hear that there was some fatphobic comments as well as a little bit of transphobia, but I (luckily for the people who commented) I wasn't there to actually hear it. Everyone was super positive in my area, and I wish I could have helped those that were dealing with the toxic people. I did have a few people that came to my booth telling me they were too large for my kigus, which I completely disagree with. Everyone can wear my kigus and I plan to make that a reality for everyone. Please don't ever think that you just have to be a snorlax or chubby pokemon. (Unless that is your favorite pokemon anyway) But definitely, wear your favorite Pokemon.

I met a lot of Ette's at the con, and I was so excited to see so many of them. I was the only Prison Pants version of Chompette, but all the others were all adorable and super sweet. I cannot speak highly enough of all the cosplayers I met and got to take photos of this past weekend. Everyone was cute, and wholesome, and it was just a great community to be part of. It makes me realize that our Saint Louis community is really toxic and I just gotta work harder to help us all be better.

I made friends with so many people this past weekend and I am so happy, with my heart being so full. Like, the Krillen behind us, his prop spun and had lights. I wish I remembered all the names of the thousands of people I had the pleasure of meeting. With 49 Thousand attendees, it would be nearly impossible for me to remember everyone. I only have one complaint in Chompette, and that was a few creeps looking down my top when they are taller than me. If you are gonna be a creep, be sneaky about it and not blatantly obvious. Don't be a scuzz.

I really want to spend a second to talk about the UH-mazing Pillar Men cosplayers I had the opportunity to bless up. They looked fantastic, their posing was on fleek, and I could not be more excited to follow in the footsteps of one of my favorite Instagrams (@Thebootyreferee). The guys were so sweet and I got to talk shortly with them about their cosplays. The one with the armor (Esidisi) actually used Gorilla glue to get the pieces onto his skin and I feel so bad that he had to deal with taking that off later. I did give him advice on using spirit gum so he doesn't hurt himself in the future. They were also hilariously good sports about allowing me to bless up their butts.

I was able to attend a panel on Thursday, "Nugu? Underrated K-pop Bands", presented by Alicat, and although I am not a huge KPop fan, I still felt it was good to learn from, in the case that I do get to explore more into it. This panel was pretty fantastic for those of us that aren't versed, but we unfortunately had to deal with a bunch of people talking loudly during the panel, to the point where I couldn't hear the panelist. I don't know why people thought they should continue to talk, especially during a panel. So I wasn't able to hear what she was saying, and left early. I feel terrible, since I did want to say something, but I didn't want to be disrespectful to her as well. I just want to give a friendly reminder that if you are in a panel, please don't talk unless the panelist is asking for answers. It's so rude to see someone be full of passion for a subject and be talked over. If you go to a panel, please be quiet while there or don't go at all.

This cutie pie walked up to me and I asked her for a photo, and then she asked me if I could sign her notebook. I was the first person to sign it, and I seriously adored her. I'm actually tearing up right now thinking about how great she is. I hope she continues to cosplay and work at making herself into a great cosplayer.

Since I spent a lot of my time in the Vendors' hall, I wasn't able to meet a lot of the cosplayers I wanted to see. I wish I could have spent more time with Koalacosplay, Bakamonocosplay, and Tiarakind. It was absolutely a whirlwind. I didn't even get the chance to meet Talalovesyou and KingKitsu in person. Maybe one day. But all the other phenomenal cosplayers I met were pretty amazing.

(Scroll over using the arrows on the photos.) Honeyrabbiit is such a gorgeous Ochako and I seriously love that she was willing to do some shippy photos! She is such a sweetheart! All the other cosplayers are awesome too (I wasn't able to get everyone's social medias, but please let me know and I'll add them in!) I was able to go to a Love Live panel with a couple of new friends as well, and unfortunately, there was more talking. Maybe it's just a thing in Georgia? I dunno, friends, but I felt bad for the panelist. He was doing a great job.

The food in the venue was super expensive, but I really wanted to treat myself to some decent food while I was in a new place. I was able to get some amazing food at Tanaka Ramen, and their staff was amazing. The food was delicious and they even gave us free dessert! Honestly, I would go back again. They were super helpful and even made my thai tea with coconut milk so I wouldn't have an adverse reaction with real milk.

The vendor's hall was amazing and had a pretty diverse selection of artists, and allowed for not just an overabundance of print artists, but actual physical artists like myself so that everyone would have a chance to make a decent profit. My only gripe is that the dealers were first, so attendees would spend all of their money at the big box merchants, and the artists weren't actually making a ton of money. Maybe next year or in the future, they will make it so that artists are first into the hall so that we all have a fighting chance. I made a pretty good profit, and gained quite a few new followers, which I am very thankful for. I hope you all reach out in the near future for orders so that I can hit our 350 mark!

All in all, the convention was amazing, and I would definitely come back next year if they'd let me. Eventually, I would love to come out as a guest, and be part of the amazing cast they had this past weekend. I did my best to only buy from Artists, as I know it was difficult for everyone to make money this weekend. But I was able to find plenty to buy, as well as get a few things for friends.

All of the artists were super cool and I loved talking with them. I even made friends with a few of the other artists and I definitely want them to succeed. I am dumb and didn't get cards from everyone. I even want to start doing a feature for artists on here so that you guys can find new artists to follow and potentially buy from! This all just makes me so excited for next year, and all the opportunities you have given me. Again, thank you for being amazing, I can't wait to see you guys again.

I believe my next convention is Cosplacon, and although I won't be selling there, I believe I'll be in the cosplay contest, entering with one of my 2019 builds ;) If you get the chance, definitely come see me!

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