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It's always said that two heads are better than one. And that's absolutely correct! So, if one camera is good, then two should be even better! Key and Pineapple are two photographers based in Colorado, but they aren't afraid to travel! Check them out!

What is your social media?

Doctor Strange: @cagedlycoris.cos

@Pineapplekey_photos on Instagram

What got you into photography?

When I was really young my dad was big into photography, he would show me a lot of the photos he took and teach me some tricks. So once I got my first camera around 5 or 6, I started taking photos of everything I found interesting, and it became a huge passion of mine

What's your favorite part of photographing Cosplayers?

Miles Morales: @acryll_cosplay

Everything honestly, there are so many unique qualities to every cosplayer and they all bring something fun and crazy to each shoot. I have some that come with cosplays that challenge me to try new things, and work a little harder for the best outcome! And some that come with great personalities that lead to some very cute Candids.

Words of advice for budding photographers?

Keep practicing your work, and don’t be afraid to experiment! Also when taking photos of people go into the shoot with some pose ideas to help out if your model can’t think of any!

Favorite Genre/Fandom you enjoy photographing?

Fantasy! I love nature shots and there’s so many locations and possibilities!

Peko Pekoyama: @eerieellyllon

Favorite convention to Shoot at/attend, and why?

Katsu because the Gaylord has so many options for good backdrops for photoshoots, and there are so many aesthetics fit into one building! I also really enjoy NDK in Colorado, as the location makes for really nice city photoshoots!

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