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Rukia and Ichigo Opening Build

I know it's a couple months late for doing the walk-through, but this is as good a time as any. This will be the only build post about it, since this was actually a really easy cosplay to put together. Tolia and I specifically picked these outfits because we knew that the Maya and Zer0 builds would take a lot out of us. It's always smart to know your limits and take it easy when you need to. We also picked these specific outfits because we wanted to be different and try to stand out a little in the grand scheme of Bleach cosplays. So, let's begin!

Ichigo's Wig: I used a Jett Classic from Arda wigs in Fire Orange. This was the perfect length and color and I immediately fell in love with it. I will actually be using the spiking technique I practiced here on my Bakugo wigs when they come in in the next few days. You start out with a small section at the crown of the cap, and tease, then spike and glue with the clear tacky glue. You'll continue to do this all over the wig, and I made a spiral shape around, starting from the center and moving outwards. Once you spike it all up, let it dry, then cut off the awkward tails.

(There are about 10 photos to show off, so check them all out!)

Rukia's wig: This one took much less time, but was still a bit of a challenge, since I wasn't entirely sure how I was going to make her hair do the little poof it does on the top. I decided to forgo the poof, and go with what would look more natural. This wig is a Magnum Long Classic in Black from Arda as well. I curled the ends with my flat iron (Ironic, no?) and sectioned them off by gluing the ends with tacky glue. When I wear the wig, I tuck the excess behind my ears to make it look authentic.

(three photos above, use the arrow on the side of the photos to browse)

Ichigo's outfit: I actually used McCall's M7486 pattern, which is also their Male Pokemon Go Trainer outfit. I had to modify it pretty heavily to get what I needed it to be. I used part D, and a mixture of A and B to get his long sleeve pattern without adding an entire shirt underneath. I don't have many progress shots, as I was trying to rush out these outfits before my May builds, so I apologize for that. I started with the shirt and cut out the long sleeves and collar from B, and the short sleeves from A, then the base pattern for the body. You'll need the red and blue knits to go with it. I cut out the base pattern for the shirt and then cut the center piece to accommodate the red and blue stripes and sewed them in. The only thing I probably messed up on was doing the same for the side pieces. Finally, I added a red stripe from bias tape, sewing it down around all sides and hemmed how I normally would.

For the pants, I just followed the pattern for D, with an extra pocket on the back, and thigh to follow the reference photos. If your legs are shorter, make the pattern shorter. For Tolia, we actually had to make the pattern a little longer since he seems to be all legs. The sweatbands were just bought off of Ebay for about $2, and he had an old pair of white converses. We aren't entirely sure what the shoes look like, since the outfits are only shown for about 5 seconds and then are never seen again, but no one has complained thus far.

(Use the arrow to see the other photo!)

Finally, his headphones. We took a $5 pair of headphones and cut the cord off (I tried finding a pair of bluetooth ones so we could still use them at the gym and such.) I used mod podge to seal in the plastic and try to remove the grooves in the ears, then used about 3 layers of paint on the headphones to completely cover the plastic. Once the layers dried, I mod podged again to seal it all in. Voila! Ichigo's outfit is complete.

(Use the arrows on the right side to browse the other photos!)

Rukia's Outfit: This one was a little tough, but only because I had to heavily modify the pattern, and couldn't find the perfect pattern to make it. I used Butterick's Fast and Easy B6551 A view, and added in a zipper to the front neck piece. I used the same fabrics I chose for Tolia's outfit and it fit perfectly. You may need to take it in a little on the sides, depending, since it isn't a very fitted garment. Besides that, it was a really cute and easy dress to make. To replace the top part with the blue and red, I did the same step as I did with Tolia's shirt and just cut off the top, about 7 inches and replaced it. I also used the same bias tape as I did for Ichigo's shirt and made it a bit longer. Luckily, there weren't any other accessories or anything, so Rukia was pretty straightforward. I used the shoes I had from my Sailor Sailor Uranus and Kurama costumes, so I didn't have to buy anything extra!

(Use the arrow on the side of the photos to scroll over!)

And there you have it friends, Rukia and Ichigo's Season 1 Opening outfits! I am hoping to get the photoshoots done soon-ish so I can offer prints of these adorable outfits! Let me know what you think in the comments below! Or if you have any questions!

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