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I really adore seeing so much diversity in someone's cosplays. I love seeing the versatility in everyone's take on so many different outfits, and SassyGills does such a great job with all their cosplays and definitely deserve to be recognized for it.

What are your social medias?

https://www.facebook.com/sassygillscosplay/ and @sassygills.cosplay on Insta

How long have you been cosplaying?

6 years

What got you into Cosplay?

The first cosplayer I ever saw online was twinfools, and it sparked my interest in cosplay. I saw a lot of youtubers and vlogs from conventions and it looked like an awesome way to make some nerdy friends!

Favourite Costume? Was it bought or made?

Scarlet from Fire Emblem Fates. It was my first major armor build that I made.

What are your goals as a cosplayer?

Number one is to have fun and make lots for friends who are obsessed with the same characters/series that I'm obsessed with! Number two is to experiment with different materials and eventually make some awesome foam armor builds.

Which Cosplayer inspired you to cosplay?

twinfools, courtoon, solograyson, mangosirene

Dream Cosplay?

The Opera Boss from Nier would be amazing, but I also think I haven't found the character that would be my dream cosplay yet!

Favourite Skill of Cosplay? (Wig work, sewing, armor, etc)

armor, foamsmithing, and pepakura

Photographer credits: @jordan_lopez1 on insta took the Rey picture, and my sister Laura Ney (facebook or instagram) took the rest.

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