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Seifer's Top 5 Anime June 2019

Usually I post a lot about building up, and builds, and just about everything else under the sun. I plan on doing a couple of build posts in the near future over Rukia and Ichigo, and Maya and Zer0, but I really want to get some shots done with them to show off the finished products. So I thought I would change the pace and make a list of my top 5 favorite Anime for this month. It gives me an excuse to try out new shows and let you guys know what I think and if it is worth watching! Please definitely give me some suggestions either in the comments section or on my page!

5. My Hero Academia

Of course I have to start this list off with My Hero. This show is hands down one of my favorite of the past couple years. It's a good slightly older kid show, with a little bit of cursing, a bit of violence, and a LOT of super heroes, My Hero has so many different character tropes so that everyone can find at least one favorite character. I actually was pretty adverse in getting into it, until my roommate told me, "Nah dude, watch it, you're Bakugo." And when I watched it, the moment that spiky haired jerk popped up onto the screen, I knew that I had to cosplay him. Any costume, every costume. The character development throughout the show is everything anyone could ask for. Reading the manga is pretty amazing, and I can't wait for it to be animated. Right now, there are 3 seasons, both subbed and dubbed, with season 4 coming out in October. If you haven't yet, definitely give it a couple episodes to really get the ball rolling, and you'll fall in love.

4. Steins;Gate

My friend introduced me to this anime, saying that I would really love the Sci Fi aspect of it, and he was absolutely right. This is an anime for those that want a really deep, confusing Doctor Who-y kind of feel. There isn't a huge cast, and you'll be able to fall in love with all of the characters, and hopefully have such a deep love for Okabe and Kurisu. I know that at the end of the first season (The second season is either out or coming out soon) I was crying over how cute the two main characters are. Personally, I feel the dub is better than the sub, as the voices feel more fitting in the dub than the sub, but as I said, that is my personal opinion. The character development for this is also pretty interesting, mostly focusing on Okabe rather than everyone else. But I do also enjoy that there is a trans character in the show, although you don't see her much, and there is a little bit of a joke about her. Other than that small one, the rest of the series is fantastic and I for one cannot wait for season 2.

3. Inuyasha

I first grew up with this series back in the 90s and didn't understand most of it. I mostly caught the anime on Toonami/Adult Swim while it was first debuting in America, so I missed a lot. Luckily, due to the age of technology, I was able to binge-watch this while preparing my Sesshomaru cosplay. The first series ends at a cliff hanger, and a few of my friends were suuuuuper mad about it, as they watched it when it came out as well. Luckily, they did release the ending after the fact, with it just being an extra season. The anime has a cute ending, but you do have to watch through about 180-ish episodes to see it. It is also a more tame version of the manga, so it is more suitable for family watching rather than the manga, which has a lot of nudity. It's a good classic and one of my all-time favorites.

2. Food Wars

I know this show is really unrealistic with how people eat, as well as recipes, but it does really get me in the mood to cook. Fair warning, the second season ends on a HUGE cliff-hanger, and season 3 isn't on Hulu yet, but I am sure you can watch it on Crunchyroll. This show is ridiculous, and absolutely makes you hungry while watching it, so be careful. It is beautifully animated and I am so ready to watch the dub when it finally comes out. The storyline kind of reminds me of any battle anime, where the main character gets stronger and stronger just through sheer will, but it's very light hearted and worth giving it at least a chance. This show isn't much for kids, as there are characters getting their clothes ripped off due to the sheer flavor of some dishes. No nipples or genitals are shown, as it is a television show, but it still might not be something to show little ones.

1. Devilman Crybaby

Hands down, my favorite anime. The animation style, the story, just, everything about it. It is VERY adult, and shouldn't be watched if you are under 18. Tolia and I have made a few memes about it, saying that this is just an anime about track and field, can't change our minds. Ryo and Akira are my favorite characters and although this anime is super short, there is soooo much story and development in the 10 episodes we get to see. It does wrap up really nicely, so it is doubtful we'll get a second season. I do plan on Tolia and I cosplaying as Ryo and Akira, and the whole series has a bunch of characters worth cosplaying as. If you haven't given it a chance, or don't have Netflix, borrow someone else's and watch it. It is worth binge watching and falling in love with Akira. As long as you're okay with violence, sex, and the end of the world, it's worth spending your time with this great series.

This concludes my list of 5 animes that you should give a shot if you haven't yet. Obviously these are just my opinions, and I think I'll try to post one of these every month or every other month, as long as I have more anime to review. I'd love to watch more to let you guys know, so please give me suggestions! See you next time

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