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Smoak Cosplay Studio

A photographer must be versatile in their work and be able to showcase different genres and sizes and forms. Looking through Smoak Cosplay Studio's work, they may just be starting out, but they have a lot of potential! I feel pretty bad that I wasn't able to feature them before Momocon, or even get to meet them, but hopefully that changes in the future!

Cosplayer: Unknown

What are your social media?

Facebook (smoak cosplay studio)

What got you into photography?

Cosplayer: Mikayla Bailey

My high school teacher and my college professor for Photoshop as they both encouraged me and said I can do great things.

What's your favorite part of photographing Cosplayers?

Seeing them smile and happy in outfits they worked so hard to create/get. Also the fun moments that happen during shoots

Cosplayer: Bianca Doyle

Words of advice for budding photographers? 1. Never give up

2. Never hurts to ask for help, advice, or for critiques. This helped me improve my works

3. Use friends to help build a portfolio and experiment techniques or equipment on.

4. Just have fun

5. Relax!! If your hands are shaky, use a tripod as it never hurts.

Cosplayer: Mikayla Bailey

Favorite Genre/Fandom you enjoy photographing? Roosterteeth shows like rwby and camp camp, Old cartoons, steven universe, fantasy, and any ships regardless

Favorite convention to Shoot at/attend, and why? Any con as I can make new friends and use new environments

Cosplayer Credit for the photos

The Upsidedown Girl (Bianca Doyle) Makayla Bailey (ruby rose and GIR) A sweet girl from anime blues con 2018

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