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I know there are plenty of jokes about vegans and VeganCosplay brings the best of the "I'm Vegan" jokes in the best way possible. Their positivity on their page is wonderful and a fresh take in getting rid of the fatphobia and other negativity on social medias.

What are your social medias?

VeganCosplay on Instagram and Facebook

How long have you been cosplaying?

I have been consistently doing cosplaying for a little over two years.

What got you into Cosplay?

I dreamed of being a pro cosplayer as a kid.

Favourite Costume? Was it bought or made?

I don’t know if I can honestly pick a favorite, but my Poison Ivy cosplay is what started my whole cosplay journey so I think I’d have to go with that one. I made it.

What are your goals as a cosplayer?

I want to continue to get better at crafting and envelop myself into the community and ultimately my end goal is to go pro.

Which Cosplayer inspired you to cosplay?

Jessica Nigri and Yaya Han are such big inspirations to me. They paved the way of cosplay for the future and it’s so outstanding and they're both still prospering in the community and so in tune with their own fan bases. Everyday they are blowing people away with their talents.

Dream Cosplay?

I don’t have a particular character that is my dream cosplay, rather for me my dream is to be able to make 100% from scratch a suit of armor with lights, a huge prop, and some body paint.

Favourite Skill of Cosplay? (Wig work, sewing, armor, etc)

I love prop building. I am always trying and find characters with props so I can have fun finding ways to make them.

What is something you would change about the Cosplay Community if you could?

How aggressive people can be at times. Some of these people get so toxic about their fandoms or views that they are violating other people space, touching people who don’t want to be touched, just overall yelling at or being mean to people simply because they said something about their fandoms.

All photos taken by Alex Reid

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