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Yu-Gi-Oh is Hella Underrated.

I am always looking for shows I can binge while working on your orders. I need this because I can't focus on the work unless there's more things to split my attention. I also love watching my S.O. play video games. But when he's at work, or working on homework, I need something to watch. So I turned to Yu-Gi-Oh. I knew there were a lot of episodes and a few series so I could get a lot of bang for my buck. I started with the basic series, the one I grew up with.


This is a classic series. There's 5 seasons with about 52 episodes each. This is a trek in and of itself, so it's a wild ride. This is honestly probably the most tame of all the series. I love Yugi and believing in the heart of the cards. There's a ton of stories about being a great friend and figuring out Pharaoh's past. I was able to binge this series in about 2 weeks. This is also when the series makes the most sense and the rules for the game are pretty straightforward.

As for the story, the young Yugi Moto lives with his grandpa who runs a card shop. His grandpa has a puzzle and the 4th Blue Eyes White Dragon. This is where Seto Kaiba enters. He is honestly the biggest douchebag. He even later tells his own past life that's he's a piece of trash because he has feelings for a girl. I love him so much, but that's neither here nor there. Seto comes into the store, steals the card, and rips it in half so he'll own the only three Blue Eyes in existence. Then, out of nowhere, Yugi's grandpa falls ill. So Yugi heads to the Duelist Kingdom in order to save his Grandpa. This sets off him becoming the King of Games. At the last season, they travel back to Ancient Egypt and find out the origins of the Pharaoh. The series has a lot of twists and turns, but it's pretty solid.

Yu-Gi-Oh GX:

This series follows Jaden Yuki on his quest to become the next King of Games. I'll let you know that it leaves on a huge cliffhanger. This made me mad, but it quickly moved onto the next series. Jaden is hella confident and almost always wins. There's even a character we aren't really sure is male or female, but breaks the gender norms, and prefers to be called Doctor instead of "Mr." or "Mrs.". Even though the character is a joke, there is some queer representation. The school they go to is divided into three categories, Slifer Red, Ra Yellow, and Obelisk Blue. You duel to get higher in the ranks, and get better living arrangements. Slifer are treated as the worst, even though time and again, they are proven to be some of the best duelists. They have a couple tournaments during this series, and even go to an alternate dimension.

There's a couple of moments where I've noticed that there are some more adult themes, like there's a couple of kinky lines and it made me do a double take. I also wholly ship Siris and Jaden a ton, but don't let me influence your decision. This moves a bit further from simplicity and making sense lore-wise. But it's still a good series.

Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds:

I haven't completely finished this series yet, so I'm not entirely sure how it ends, but this series makes no sense to me. There's motorcycles that have dueling capabilities, and there are tuner monsters. This is about where my old man-ness really comes into light. I think it is interesting, because Yusei Fudo fights the bourgeoisie and has a tight connection with one of the dragons of fate. He slowly finds the other four people who can summon the other dragons of fate, and luckily, there's more than one token girl. I'm in the beginning of Season 2, where Yusei has become the top duelist. Everyone is confused why there's a "Satellite" (slur for the outsiders in this series) who reigns supreme. He also goes to jail at some point, which is legit as hell.

Hopefully I'll be able to finish this series soon so that I can start on Arc-V, but just know that Yu-Gi-Oh is hella underrated and that all of the openings are bops. I love GX and 5Ds the most, with GX being a head banger, and 5Ds seeming more like an angsty ballad. Both keep me from fast forwarding through the openings, so that should tell you something. I may have some cosplans prepared from these series, so be on the lookout for those ;)

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