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About Seifer Noir

Born to a family of Crafters, Seifer Noir was raised to be a lover of creation. Starting at the age of 6, they were taught how to hand sew doll clothes and accessories. Upon discovering anime and the like, Seifer knew they wanted to cosplay and create 3D art for themselves and others. Originally planning on being a Manga artist, they realized that sewing and crafting was more fun and fulfilling for them. Being obsessed with Pokemon from the beginning of Nintendo's debut in America, it was only a time before Seifer would tackle their longest project to date: Making every Pokemon into a kigurumi. At the beginning of 2022, they've managed to cross off over 500 different monsters, and hoping to cross off 600 before the end of the year. 

While their passions do lie in kigurumis, they also picked up the art of amigurumi, or crochet dolls and want to create patterns and plushies for those that either do not have the skill, or would rather not learn. They've created over 50 patterns and don't see themself stopping anytime soon. 

Seifer finds joy in learning new languages, playing video games, and running their bunny suit cosplay group Snacc Pack. You can find them on social media under Snacc Pack or thesnaccpackcrew. 



To create quality work in everything that Seifer puts their name/hands on. We do our very best to make sure colors are matched, but as we are limited on what is available, please note there can be some discrepancy. 

Terms of Service

1. I understand that after 48 hours, my order is not available for cancellation.
2. All photos sent to the Artist (Seifer's Stitches) may be used as advertisement of said page, or placed into a portfolio for future reference.
3. Additions after the check out is completed are to be done before the 24 hour mark. Those additions must be submitted before then, or will not be taken.
4. Orders may take up to six (6) months to complete. These orders are also taken on first come, first served.
5. If a "rush" order is received, but the rush fee is not paid, it will be put in the appropriate queue when it was ordered.
6. Shipping will not be requested at time of purchasing (ONLY AVAILABLE FOR CONVENTION PURCHASES). Shipping costs are the buyer's responsibility and will be requested once the item is completed.

7. Custom orders (Items that are not "ready to be shipped") are not available for return.

8. If a onesie is not shipped or picked up within 90 days (3 months) of completion, Seifer's Stitches reserves the right to resell said onesie.

9. Once an order is shipped/out of Seifer's hands, it is no longer their responsibility. They do promise to do their best to help locate/find a solution, but refunds due to lost or delayed packages will not be honored.

10. By placing an order, you are agreeing to above terms and services.

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