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How 2021 is going, 32 days in

January was a really difficult month for me mentally, as I get really upset when folks ask where their orders are. Not because they are asking, but I feel like I fail my customers when they have to wait. But I also know I need to give myself time to relax and breathe and recover for the week ahead of me. I'm very hard on myself when I get behind and due to the holidays, I was behind by a couple of weeks. Luckily, I'm caught up and I'm just glad I can push myself. I've even been able to get ready for my friends' Disney wedding next week! I'm really just glad I was able to prepare for that. The only thing I have left is my roommate's alligator plush backpack (I can't WAIT to show you) and packing. I'm panicking a little because I haven't had a longer than overnight "vacation" since 2018. (I really know how dumb it is to go on a vacation, but I'm going because I'm a bridesmaid.)

But that's not what this blog post is supposed to be about. It's mostly an update on how my Resolutions are going and listing off my accomplishments and what I plan to keep improving on. I hit my 10k followers on tiktok, which I'm really proud and thankful of/for. I would love to hit 15k by the end of 2021, and I hope I can release a set of designs for She-ra characters as onesies, since that's my most popular tiktok right now. Due to this popularity in my tiktok, I've had a bit of overflow from there to my instagram! I'd love to keep that energy up and get the remaining 90-something followers to hit my 2021 goal for 2000 followers on Insta! (If you don't follow me on any of those platforms, I'm SeiferNoir)

Speaking of social media platforms, I've had a steady increase for followers on Facebook, so I should be able to surpass my goal of 5500. I also started posting on my YouTube Channel. Which I've already gained 20 subscribers for! If you love Pokemon, please check me out! (Also SeiferNoir) I'm new to video editing, but I'd really like to get better! I also need to play around with the software to be able to put the thumbnails in the video like I want. I also need to make sure I get the art up soon for my banner and the little watermark in the corner of my videos! I have some awesome work I can't wait to show off my friend's gorgeous art! I'd like to try to hit 50 subscribers, so please follow if you haven't already!

I also held my first amigurumi crochet raffle, which I feel was pretty successful! I really need to revamp some things, but hope you'll join this month's raffle! I also set up crochet commissions through my ko-fi so if you'd like me to crochet you a cute pokemon, I'd love to make some cuties for you! You can find that here: You can also enter the 5th gen quilt raffle at the same time, so I'm really excited to show off all the patches I've made already!

I also want to touch back on the Disney trip before ending this. I won't be available from February 9th to the 14th. This means I won't be able to easily answer messages or be able to send out orders. I apologize for this, but know that I can't take my sewing machine with me on this vacation. I also want to show off the Mickey ears I made and the Disneybound outfits I put together for my partner and myself. I'll have a post for when I get back to show off the fun I had! I also want to design more Disney themed onesies. If you have any ideas, please let me know!

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