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2021 Resolutions

So, it's a few days into the new year and I'm spending time reflecting and figuring what I want for the next 360 days. Last year, I had several goals, and I beat just about all of them! The point of my resolutions is to make my business better so that I'm being better for you, customers. First, I'd like to remind those of you who were here last year what I set out to do.

  1. I wanted to break 4500 followers on facebook. I'm honestly so very lucky that quarantine happened only because it got more people buying online and creating groups specifically to try to help artists and businesses with the loss of conventions. I myself had 6 conventions planned for last year, and all of them were cancelled. While I'm not happy about missing out on making great memories, I'm still here (as are all my friends) to be able to make better memories once this is all over. I broke 5100 followers before January 1st, and it's all thanks to you. Thank you so much for your continued support.

  2. I wanted to go to a couple different states for conventions. It's very obvious why I was unable to do this, I just want to be able to sell at the cons I had paid for last year.

  3. I wanted to cross off 450 Pokemon for the onesies. Thanks to so many wonderful followers, new and old, as of January 1st, I have crossed off 469. I honestly was worried I wouldn't make this happen, as cons were cancelled and I wasn't getting the word out as easily as I needed it to (thanks Facebook.) But with the cancelled cons groups, I was able to cross off so many new pokemon, that my wait time for orders went from 4 weeks to 8 (and due to the holidays, just a little bit longer. I'm so sorry for the delays. I have 3 more October orders, and I'll be blazing through to November hopefully starting Friday.) The amount of support I received from folks that never heard of me, finding me through that group or even on tiktok was just mind blowing! I've gotten to cross off so many pokemon I didn't think would get love, and I'm so thankful for that.

Resolutions for Seifer's Stitches:

This year, I have a few more ideas for myself that I want to implement into Seifer's Stitches. I always do my best, but I really want to improve and show you that you ordering things from me is not only worth the wait, it's worth you putting your time and effort into my business. I also want to make realistic goals that when we pass them, we feel more excited to surpass them and be able to make new goals during the year to improve as well.

  1. I have three follower goals this year. Firstly, I'd like to hit 5500 followers on Facebook. I know this is doable, as we're already at 5120. 380 more followers is absolutely doable, but I need you folks to tell your friends! Next, I would like to hit 2000 followers on Instagram. This one may be a little more difficult, as gaining followers on Insta as an art account is very difficult, but I still want to do my best and see how we do! If you don't yet, please follow me on instagram ( ) We're only 172 followers from that goal! Finally, I'd like to hit 10,000 followers on tiktok (@SeiferNoir). Recently, I had a Suneater kigu clip that went crazy and has hit about 75k views, and honestly, if I have one or two more tiktoks that hit that high, we'll be on easy street! When we manage to hit these goals, I'd love to have a giveaway on each of these platforms!

  2. While I know for 2021 I may not be able to squeeze into any new conventions, I would really like to attempt it for 2022. This means I need to watch like a hawk to see if there are any openings and do my best to (while being safe, of course) get into these conventions. If you have any you would love to see me at, please comment below with the con name!

  3. This year, we're going to hit 500 Pokemon. 31 to our goal? Absolutely achievable! Especially since we're already at the halfway point. If you need a list of pokemon that haven't been crossed off yet, please let me know!

  4. I would like to purchase and work with new machinery. I bought a second, higher tier machine so that if we had to be shut down as a state again, my partner could help me fulfill orders. When he was off from March to June 1st, and he spent that entire time playing video games and relaxing XD. I spent that entire time (save for the 3 days I couldn't work from my wisdom teeth) working my booty off and working through over a hundred orders. But the pieces I would like to buy are a serger (planning this after my friend's wedding at Disney in February,) a Cricut machine to make stickers and iron-ons to make t-shirts and hats and such, and finally, I would like to get a button maker. I would really love to have more low-dollar items for my website so that folks who either may not be interested in onesies or plushies, but still want to support me, can. If all this goes well, I would love to order a gachapon machine so that we can also do fun live-streams of the gachapon winners!

  5. My final 2021 business resolution is to actually start a Youtube channel. I would really love to make videos every week talking about different things, like running a business, news with my shop, and tutorials! I'd also really love to be able to make and create patterns that I can sell for folks who would like to try their hand at sewing, crocheting, or wig styling.

I really hope that 2021 can be the year that we were hoping 2020 to be. I hope that we can all spend this year educating and bettering ourselves while also making sure that we don't change too much. Every goal we hit is a step in the right direction that gets us to our ultimate goal. I wish 2021 to be the year that allows you to heal, build meaningful relationships, leave behind the toxic, and to bring you closer to what is important to you. I hope you look forward to spending this year growing with me and cheering me on while I attempt to pull off these incredible feats (some easier than others.) Again, I thank you so so much for your support and love and I couldn't ask for a better fanbase, you really do give me life and hope.

(Also peep this GORGEOUS photo my roommate Jen took of my as Juri from Yu Yu Hakusho! I hope to post the rest soon and hopefully have the prints ready!)

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