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I always love featuring photographers that may have just started their photography journey because it gives me an opportunity to potentially help boost their chances at getting photoshoots. I really want the best for everyone, as long as they are kind and courteous to others as well. This is what my blog is about. I want to take care of others from afar and produce helpful, positive content in order to enrich your lives maybe just a little bit better. I know it's kind of silly, but it is how I feel and I hope I succeed. That's why I am really honored to feature _Red_Balloon_ today!

What is your social media(s)? _red_balloon_ \instagram

What got you into photography? I’ve always loved being behind the camera. I liked the idea of capturing a moment of importance in a life. Been taking photos since I was14, I went to school to be a cinematographer but after finishing photography is what I like to do as a freelancer.

What's your favorite part of photographing Cosplayers? Photographing cosplayers can be the greatest time, If I know the characters it’s even better, mostly I like finding out why they picked the character.

Words of advice for budding photographers? Watch your framing/background, and don’t be afraid of getting down and dirty for the sake of the shot!

Favorite Genre/Fandom you enjoy photographing? The last photo shoot I did was for a love live group and that was very enjoyable.

Favorite convention to Shoot at/attend, and why? I mostly go to AnimeSTL I’ve been to small ones and did a doctor who shoot. AnimeSTL you just meet so many people that can’t wait to just be themselves. Always gets me in the mood for a great shooting day.

(There are 5 photos, please use the arrow on the photo to see the others)

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