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Among Us Crewmate Pattern

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Among Us Crochet Pattern

By Seifer’s Stitches

Foreword: Thank you so much for finding this pattern! I made this as an accessory for Snacc Pack’s Katsu 2022 Among Us Bunny Suit build, which is why I chose this shade of blue for the main part of the Crewmate to match my bunny suit. It was really difficult to figure out the visor color, but I believe it looks really good! While this pattern posts the exact colors I use for my plush, feel free to use whatever colors you want! I would love to see what you make, so please tag me if you post your creations on social media! If you’d like to request a pattern I haven’t made yet, you can follow this link: I only ask that you pay for the material costs and shipping once it’s completed.

This is a free pattern as the creators of Among Us have asked folks to not sell items using their IP, so please do not resell my pattern or sell the plushies.

Skill Level: Intermediate Crochet Hook: US E (3.25mm) Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver in white, Aruba Sea Impeccable Loops & Threads in Skylight Additional Materials: PolyfilAbbreviations: sc Single Crochet Ch Chain dec single crochet 2 stitches in front loop together inc single crochet 2 stitches in same sc Inc3 - Single crochet 3 stitches in the same sc sl st Slip stitch st(s) stitch(es) BLO in the Back Loop Only

Finished Size: Approximately 4 inches tall

Gauge: Not essential for the project

Notes: The size of the hook isn’t actually essential, as long as your project has tight, even stitches. If you crochet too loose, or use too large a hook, the stuffing will show through.

IMPORTANT: Each round will be written as

Sc, inc (18) - As an example

[ 5sc, inc ]*2 - Repeat that step in the row the amount of times as the number after the asterisk.

This means the instructions will repeat unless otherwise indicated until you get the correct number of stitches. The number in parenthesis ( ) at the end of each row is the total number of stitches in that row. Rounds are worked in a continuous spiral, and will not need to join rounds.

Please read through the whole pattern to familiarize yourself before crocheting any of the pieces to make sure you understand what is being made. If you have questions, please feel free to message/email/dm me.


Make in Main color (Skylight)

Row 1: Mr6 (6)

Row 2: 6inc (12)

Row 3: Sc, inc (18)

Row 4: 2sc, inc (24)

Row 5: 3sc, inc (30)

Row 6: 4sc, inc (36)

Row 7-19: Sc36 around (36)

Row 20: 4sc, Dec (30)

Row 21: 3sc, Dec (24)

Row 22: 2sc, dec (18)

Row 23: Sc, Dec (12)


Row 24: 6dec (6)

FO, sealing the hole


Make 2 in Main Color

Row 1: Mr6 (6)

Row 2: 6inc (12)

Row 3: Sc, inc (18)

Row 4-8: Sc18 around (18)

FO, leaving a string to attach


Make in Main Color (Skylight)

Row 1: Ch12, turn, sc10, 3inc, sc10, inc (25)

Row 2-10: Sc25 around (25)

Row 11: Sc12 in BLO, FO, leaving long string


In Aruba Sea

Row 1: Ch8, turn, sc6, 3inc, sc6, inc (17)

Row 2: Sc7, inc, sc7, inc2 (20)

Row 3-4: Sc20 around (20)

FO, leaving a string to attach

Eye shine

Make in White

Row 1: Mr6 (6)

Row 2: Sc, dc, 2sc, dc, sc (6)

FO, leaving a string to attach

Assembly: This goes really quick and most pieces will be stuffed as you get to the point where you’re finishing attaching. I started by attaching the white spot to the Visor, then sewed it onto the front of the body. Stuff as you sew it to the body. I sewed the bottom of the Jetpack, stuffing very lightly before attaching it to the back. At this point, you can have the legs be attached to the very bottom of the body, but I attached a magnet to the bottom so it could sit atop my helmet for the photoshoot. I decided to put them on the front, a little to the sides so it looked like he was sitting. I really hope you enjoy this pattern and I’m so proud of you for making your own Amoogie and if you have any questions, please feel free to email me or message my various Social Media!

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