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Luvdisc Free Crochet Pattern

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

I really wanted to get a break from the larger projects you guys have been giving me to create a quick, easy pattern that folks can use to make for their loved ones. I grew up really disadvantaged financially, and grew up making and giving gifts since it usually was cheaper than buying something outright. Especially when my grandma and aunt are both crafty ladies and have an abundance of fabrics (and paint, and yarn, and and and) for us to use. Now that I crochet more frequently, I thought I could release this free pattern to not only get you used to reading my patterns (if you like them, you can purchase and help me make more!) I also take requests, if you didn't know that already, where if it's a pattern I haven't made before, I only request the materials and shipping costs. I really hope you enjoy this pattern and please do not claim it as your own or resell it. I also request that you don't mass produce these plush.

Skill Level: Intermediate Crochet Hook: US F5 (3.75mm) Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver in Light Pink (For Shiny: In Bright Yellow and White) Impeccable Loops & Threads in Lippy Additional Materials: Polyfil Felt in White and Black Matching thread

Abbreviations: sc Single Crochet Ch Chain dec single crochet 2 stitches in front loop together inc single crochet 2 stitches in same sc sl st Slip stitch st(s) stitch(es)

Finished Size: Approximately 8 inches tall

Gauge: Not essential for the project

Notes: The size of the hook isn’t actually essential, as long as your project has tight, even stitches. If you crochet too loose, or use too large a hook, the stuffing will show through.

IMPORTANT: Each round will be written as

Sc, inc (18) - As an example

[ 5sc, inc ]*2 - Repeat that step in the row the amount of times as the number after the asterisk.

This means the instructions will repeat unless otherwise indicated until you get the correct number of stitches. The number in parenthesis ( ) at the end of each row is the total number of stitches in that row. Rounds are worked in a continuous spiral, and will not need to join rounds.

Please read through the whole pattern to familiarize yourself before crocheting any of the pieces to make sure you understand what is being made. If you have questions, please feel free to message/email/dm me.


Make in Lippy/Bright Yellow

Part 1 and 2

Row 1: Mr6 (6)

Row 2: 6inc (12)

Row 3: Sc, inc (18)

Row 4: 2sc, inc (24)

Row 5: 3sc, inc (30)

Row 6: 4sc, inc (36)

Row 7-9: Sc36 around (36)

FO first one, connect to the 2nd

Row 10-11: Sc72 around (72)

Row 12: Sc10, Dec (66)

Row 13-14: Sc66 around (66)

Row 15: Sc9, Dec (60)

Row 16-17: Sc60 around (60)

Row 18: Sc8, Dec (54)

Row 19-20: Sc54 around (54)

Row 21: Sc7, Dec (48)

Row 22: Sc48 around (48)

Row 23: Sc6, Dec (42)

Row 24: Sc42 around (42)

Row 25: Sc5, Dec (36)

Row 26: Sc36 around (36)

Row 27: Sc4, Dec (30)

Row 28: Sc30 around (30)

Row 29: Sc3, Dec (24)

Row 30: Sc24 around (24)

Row 31: Sc2, Dec (18)

Row 32: Sc18 around (18)

Switch to light pink/White

Row 33: Sc18 around (18)


Row 34: Sc, dec (12)

Row 35: Sc12 around (12)

Row 36: 6dec (6)

FO, weaving the ends into the piece


Make 2 in Light Pink/White

Row 1: Mr6 (6)

Row 2: 6inc (12)

FO, leaving a string to attach

Assembly: This is probably my easiest pattern to assemble, as you only need to cut out two larger black ovals, and two small white circles, sew them onto the middle of the heart (I did about 6 rows from the Light pink) and sew the cheeks back and below them a little, and you’re done! I would love to see any photos you make and I might make some pride ones eventually! If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at or on any of my social media!

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