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Although this photographer doesn't have a lot of photos on their Instagram, you can definitely see the talent and artistic ability in their life and that we should help nurture this great photographer! We especially should build up those photographers that help build up others in the cosplay community. Definitely check them out and potentially book them, it'll definitely be worth it.

What is your social media(s)? Twitter: @bailey_rolfes

Instagram: @baileymariephotography_

What got you into photography? I took a 5 week course in high school then started experimenting on my own senior year of high school. I’ve always enjoyed the process of capturing expression. Then when I got into cosplay my love grew because I was able to capture a real life portrayal of a character from the screen. I love giving life to characters outside of the screens their from. Giving them a new form and showing a deeper story to those characters.

What's your favorite part of photographing Cosplayers? The creativity of what cosplayers can do is by far the best part of photographing them. The first cosplayer I worked with, @peachnewt on Twitter, cosplays Vax’ildan from Critical Role. The character has armor that gives him wings so she created wings that move and reach 12 feet wide when extended. Capturing these wasn’t definitely a challenge butade so beautiful you have to get the whole wingspan. Cosplayers are so dedicated to the characters they are portraying that they will give you the emotion. In a family session or senior photos it’s constant "keep smiling", and "perfect positioning." When I photograph cosplayers, they aren’t afraid to show a wide range of emotion and sides of a character. When I get to work with Very Crofty they have the many sides of their character Percy deRolo also from Critical Role. They showed the tarnished soul of the beginning of the character, the determination, worry and love for Percy’s partner. Also when I photographed them as Allura from Voltron we captured her bright energy and worry for the Paladins. Coming from a love for theater and story creating, photography of cosplayers gives me a new medium to express a story that may have ended or is continually growing.

Words of advice for budding photographers? Advice for budding photographers is to take as many photos in one session as you can. In a 60 minute session I take upwards around 300 photos or more. I’m looking for that one face that fits the character but is unexpected. Don’t be afraid to get in the weird positions to get that perfect angle and capture the emotion the cosplayer is portraying.

Favorite Genre/Fandom you enjoy photographing? I love photographing Critter. These are fans of Critical Role. There are so many variations of the characters. With Vox Machina Era and Mighty Nien Era having 7 main characters and the immense NPCs given to us by Matthew Mercer that the variety of characters is unending. But I love characters from anime and animated shows! They all have beautiful character designs.

Favorite convention to Shoot at/attend, and why? Anime Nebrakskon is my home convention and I love all the people I’m able to meet there. O Comic Con is so open and with a general media genre it has such a good variety of cosplayers!

Cosplayer Credits: Allura from Voltron and Percy deRolo: Very Crofty @verycrofty on twitter @very_crofy on Instagram

Vax’ildan: @peachbewt on twitter

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