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Bakugou Hero Suit Build

I told myself, when I sat down to watch My Hero Academia, that I wasn't going to want to cosplay anyone from the series. BOY WAS I WRONG. The moment I heard Bakugou's English voice actor, and saw his character design, I was hooked. I love the color scheme and his anger, and even later, I love his deep character development. I literally screamed when Lord Explosion Murder popped onto the screen in all his beautiful, explody glory. I also looked at my partner the second Tenya showed up because they look scary alike. Luckily, he just lets me do what I want, and allowed me to put him in the school uniform. We might even be able to convince him to do Ingenium, which means another Build Post in the future!

Anyway, without further ado, let's get started on Lord Explosion Murder!

As always, we'll start with the wig. I spent several hours looking through tutorials on Youtube, and asked several friends that style wigs what their opinions are! I bought a blond wig off of my friend Ashley (Insta is @SaftyAsh) as well as using Tacky Glue and hair spray. I used a teaser comb to make the spikes stand, then used the tacky glue to keep the ends together. After the tacky glue dried, I cut off the extra bits and hair sprayed the hell out of it.

Then I moved onto the sewing parts. I started with the pants. For Bakugou, his pants are tight around the waist, and become almost Harem pants around the knees. I took a pair of pants I already have a patterned them after the pants liberally, while making them look more like Bakugou's. I did make a bunch of little tubes for the belt loops, then added elastic in the cuffs so I could slide them up my legs as needed. If you need a pattern, Simplicity or McCall's always have great pants patterns.

The shirt was probably the easiest, as there weren't any sleeves and it was pretty straight forward. For the shirt, I measured my waist and added 2 inches. This gave me enough extra fabric to make hems and make sure I can actually take it off and put it on. I attempted to make the shirt with all stretchy fabric, but I was only lucky with the base. I used a 4-way stretch performance fabric for the X, but moved to a cotton for the second run. I sewed it under with a half inch seam it give it a sexy finished seam. I sewed the black circles on top of the X before placing and sewing it to the shirt base. Finally, I hemmed the sleeves, collar, and waist, and the shirt was done!

Next up: The Gloves. I make a ton of gloves for different cosplays, including Uranus, Riven, Jinx, Maya, and more. I started with the long gloves and measured how high they needed to go on my arm. I made strip of orange to go for the upper cuff. I had to sew over it a couple times, since I wasn't able to get all of it when I went over it first. I also cut my pointer finger tip and thumb off of my right hand since it was my dominant in order to be able to use my phone. To make the outer gloves, I drew out a hand print and made it a little larger than my hand and made it with the same fabric as my shirt. I bought the armor patterns from SEMEcosplay on etsy (Link is here: ) And followed the walk through that they provided for the armor pieces.

It did take me 3 separate tries to make the collar piece, but once I finally sized it correctly, it was easy. I do hope that I'll be able to use Contact Cement in the future in order to make my projects look better. I used a dremel for the holes in all my armor pieces.

One part I did get to pattern for myself was the orange spikes out of his ears. First, I took a thicker piece of floral wire (I believe it's 14 gauge). Then I wrapped it under my ears and folded the very end to keep me from getting cut or stabbed. I then extended it past my head where I felt comfortable ending the spikes and looped that end as well. Then I cut and painted and glued the spikes, then glued them onto the ear loops. I didn't make a mask, but may revisit it now that I'm with STL Hero Academia (Instagram: @STLHeroAcademia) and will add it to this build!

Besides figuring out how to make and glue the band onto the boots, the tutorial was really straight forward for the boots.

I'll just add the rest of the pieces I made in different little galleries, in the hopes that they make sense. If you have any questions, you are more than welcome to message or comment below