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Bishoujo Jason Build

I LOVE Jason Voorhees. The Friday the 13th movies are my favorite, and I thought I was being clever by making the Bishoujo outfit for Anime Magic, which started on Friday, August 13th. I had a few people get the joke, but man, was it hot. Luckily, I didn't have too much to make. The whole build was probably around $60, and a few hours of building.

We'll start from the feet and go up, as I usually do. My boots were purchased previously, so I didn't have to subtract that from my budget. For the jeans, I went to my local goodwill, found a pair of dark jeans that I then dyed, cut, and sanded (with sandpaper) to give it a more weathered look. To further weather it, I threw it in the dryer, but if you had a large enough rock tumbler, you could put the pants and some rocks in as well.

For the top, I bought fabric from Walmart for $6, as well as dye to make it a little more teal. I took a tank top I already had and folded it up to get it to the length I wanted, then sewed it together. You can easily use a tank top pattern in order to do the same thing, but the preexisting tank top makes sure you don't go over your budget.

For the overshirt, I also purchased that from the men's section of Goodwill, dyed it darker brown (it was slightly lighter) then cut and ripped the hem and the shirt sleeves. I believe the shirt cost $3, and the dye was $5. This was a flannel shirt, so it was definitely a lot warmer than I wanted it to be. A box cutter or some sharp scissors is really handy in doing this part since you want it to be really dirty looking.

The gloves were also from a previous cosplay, but can cost around $10 on Amazon. The wig was from amazon and while it's on the thin side, took the flips perfectly. The only issue I really ran into was making the Ahoge. I used a pipecleaner and folded it in half, wrapping the wig fibers around it. I glued it, but it didn't want to stay. If I had more time, I probably would have researched how the Hetalians did it.

For the final piece: the Mask. I ordered a Jason Mask from Amazon for $15, and weathered it with my dremel as well as sanding it a bit and black washing it while I was painting the Machete and Axe. By sanding the mask, it allows the black wash to sit in the pores of the plastic, because otherwise, it slides off.

The Machete has a dowel inner core, and three layers of 10mm foam from SKS props. I contact cemented it, allowed it to dry, and dremeled it to the right consistency. I followed this nifty tutorial and made modifications to my liking:

I used acrylic paint, and sealed it with matte mod podge.

The axe was a little more difficult, since it is curved. For the handle, I used a dowel core, and 3 layers of 10mm foam. The handle was also contact cemented, dremeled the handle in order to curve the corners, and a wood burning tool to give it a more "wooden" look. For the axe head, I cut out a 6mm, singular piece to wrap around the handle. I should have added an extra triangle on top and bottom to make it seem more like a full axe head. This was also dremeled to make it look sharp. I then painted the machete and axe and after the base layers were dry, I went outside and traumatized my neighbors by throwing red paint and slicing at the air to make the splatters more realistic. To get the correct measurements, I actually watched a "How it's Made" episode. Most axes are about 32 inches and so I made sure it was accurate! This was then dried and sealed with Matte Mod Podge and the whole cosplay is finished!

I need a heckin photoshoot with them, and have my partner Tolia cosplay as the camp counselor so I can have the murder scene my heart desires XD

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