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Trying to Complete Cosplays During a Pandemic

Well, we're almost at the year mark for the US to have been completely locked down. While COVID has been a thing throughout the world for about 15 or 16 months already, things are getting back to normal for most countries that have followed lockdown procedures. While that isn't the case for the US, we have to remain positive to the best of our ability, while maintaining safe measures and waiting for the vaccine to become more widespread so hopefully herd immunity kicks in for those of us who can't get vaccinated.

I know I'm not alone in the firey passion of cosplay dying right before my very eyes. I've pushed myself so hard in the last year to try to get stuff for myself made and I just can't fine the drive. I had so many plans last year and I completed two. I bought fabric for three or four, but no progress was made. With ASTL around the bend and having a table there, I knew I had to kick my butt into gear. I leave for Disney tomorrow, and so I made a deal with myself: I get the couple days before I leave to get as much done on Tiana as possible and then come back and hunker down on orders. For those of you waiting for your orders, I really appreciate your patience with me. It's been a very stressful last couple of weeks preparing for this wedding and vacation and honestly, I am ready to just be for a couple of days.

It hasn't been easy trying to find the drive to get moving. I've had migraines and my sleep is less than spectacular. But I've gotten some progress done. What better way to spend Quarantine than by finishing some badass cosplays? I've even been working on finishing my Jolyne wig (that's been sitting for MONTHS). But how is this supposed to help you? I'm hoping that by talking about my progress, it helps kick start yours. I've found it really helpful to hear that my friends are working on projects, which is probably part of why Snacc Pack has gone stale lol. Jolyne's wig has taken me about 3 days of waiting for glue to dry to make progress, but it's working. I just have a little bit of wefts to attach to the buns, then the buns themselves to the base, and put those gorgeous green braids around the buns. I'm hoping to finish those today before we go.

It's also nice that if you really don't have the energy to take on big builds, that smaller, simpler builds can get that drive going again so that you *can* find the energy for those bigger builds. The best part is finishing and having something to show off in front of the camera. I know a lot of photographers are hosting virtual music videos that you can send photos or video clips to. My friend Justin Pineda has a couple that I've submitted for and I know he's mentioned looking for the next one! His channel is here.

For Tiana, I've not gotten a ton of work done, but any progress is good progress. I don't have a ton of photos, which is a shame, since I'm hoping to use her as my competition piece for ASTL (if they're having the cosplay contest). Thus far, I've gotten her underskirt sewn (which may need to be redone, since I don't think it's quite long enough), the lining and boning layers sewn, the top design glued, her gloves sewn, and her necklace made.

I still have quite a bit of progress to make, but I'm hoping to be able to knock parts out between orders within the next couple weeks. It's smart to keep yourself on somewhat strict deadlines if you can, and have friends hold you accountable. I know I can count on my friends to breathe down my neck while also understanding that sometimes, I don't have the energy. It's always a good idea to have good friends who will kick your ass into gear when needed.

Photo by Mimoo Universe

Back during October, my friend Lindsay (yomuchan_cosplay on Insta) really made sure I fixed up my Uranus fuku before the Curvy Kitty Cosplay Senshi shoot. I'm really thankful for her because I guarantee I would have forgotten. I really need to get an assistant to tell me when things need to be done and remind me what day it is, haha! But with help from friends like Lindsay, I was able to get everything that needed repaired done and looked gorgeous with the rest of my beautiful babes!

I still have so much work to do for Tiana, but luckily, my roommate Jen is on top of this and can make sure I have her done in time for ASTL. It will also be nice to have one of my mile long cosplans finished so I can get started on the next one (XD). For my Princess Tiana gown, I still have the outer layer of bodice to sew, as well as the outer skirt. Once that's sewn, I'll have to hand ombre the skirt, then bedazzle the crap out of it. I have to sew the belt and hand embroider the drapery and top of the dress. I'll have to attach the bodice to the skirts, and make sure the boning is in the corset. I will also have to look into possibly 3D printing her tiara since it's so much more different than her swamp dress tiara.

To sum it all up, having smaller projects to work on, leading up to larger projects, having friends that can help push you to get things done, and have a calendar to have deadlines you'll hopefully hit. I hope that me talking about my own progress helps kick start your drive to get those projects you've pretended don't exist for a minute. I'm hoping that 2021 will be safe for conventions. I hope that it can be safer and we can get back to having our big cosplay groups and meetups. I really hope, for our sanity, that we can finally go to conventions again.

Senshi Photos taken by Mimoo Universe

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