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Blog/Life Updates

So I realize that I am getting too busy and overworked trying to write every day except Monday, I am planning on making a three day week posting schedule. I really enjoy writing and it is something I am passionate about, but unfortunately, I cannot neglect orders just so I can write. People don't pay me for that yet. (That's a joke)

So, the new posting schedule will be a bit like this; Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday. I'll post a featured Cosplayer on Tuesday, do cosplay advice/updates/build stuff Wednesday, and Friday will be the featured Photographer. I have been really disappointed in myself because I haven't been keeping up to my standards, so I have to turn around and make a new one.

Now that we've gotten that over, I can talk about life updates. I am working on getting through my last couple orders before hitting my Momocon set that I personally feel should have been done 2 weeks ago, but I needed to take some time for myself and create a good headspace where I could work again. I wasn't in the healthiest place mentally and my work suffered. I apologize for that. That being said, I am in a better place now and I am trying to create a new schedule that I can adhere to, because the work I was doing for ASTL and Momocon was too much on my body. I literally spent all of my time in Atlanta exhausted and overworked. No one should ever feel that way. Take time for yourself.

That being said, I may need to postpone my July build a little so that I can give myself enough time to work on getting a few kigus ready to sell, swag bags, and the other orders I want to finish before Akaicon. After I come back from Nashville, I will gladly be working on my website orders that I also feel I have neglected (even though they are all within the time period I stated for completion) I want to be better, and I will be better, not only for you guys, but for myself. I need this as much as you guys deserve it. I am also probably postponing Star Guardian Jinx because frankly, I cannot afford it. I really need to be focusing on bills because my partner hasn't been able to work as often, which is why I am frantically asking for commissions so that I can continue to eat and such. If you cannot help out financially, please share my post on my page or tell your friends. I was going to compete with SG Jinx, but if I can't make her, I'll compete with Slayer Jinx instead.

If you can help out a little, please always consider sending me a ko-fi. They are $3 each, and even if you don't think it's a lot, it adds up pretty quickly. You also get your name put in the drawing for the Hoenn quilt and the quilt is worth over $700. I'm hoping to have it done, or at the very least, the front (where all the Pokemon are) to be completed for Akai so that I can show it off to the attendees. So if you'd like to see it in person, please come check it out, and if you like it enough, I am also taking cash tips for it. I will also have a red suit All Might and a blue suit All Might kigu available for purchase and at least one random Pokemon from the slew of babies I have yet to make. It may even be one of the Sword and Shield Pokemon!

I also plan on having 3 new sets of prints to sell, and hopefully will be getting back to a good release schedule for those. I am so sorry for that delay, as my photographer hasn't really gotten back to me and their life is pretty stressful too, so I understand my work coming after their stuff. But with this new photographer, hopefully we can get some amazing shots and get to a healthier release schedule. I look forward to seeing the shots and hopefully having those at Akaicon!

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