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So, I'm sure that I got to meet Cozzi at Akaicon last year, but I am so so terrible at faces and names, that I can't remember them, and I really need to get better at that. Before every interview, I like to check out who they are as a person, as well as a cosplayer or a photographer. This way, I'm not sharing a negative influence, since the entire goal of the interviews is to promote positivity. Cozzi shows that by posting a lot of different body types, which is extremely important to me. They also post different fandoms and skill sets. I am super honored that they chose to fill out my interview and I hope you choose to follow them as well!

So let's get started, shall we?

Where can we find you on Social Media?

Cozzi Cosplay Photograpy on both facebook and instagram! (@CozziCosplayPhotography)

What got you into photography? I grew up with my mother doing photography as long as I can remember, so photography came natural to me.

What's your favorite part of photographing Cosplayers? Being able to help them show off their skills, outfits, and talents.

Words of advice for budding photographers? As a newcomer in con photography myself, just put yourself out there!! Get a portfolio going!

Favorite Genre/Fandom you enjoy photographing? All of them. I just love taking pictures.

Favorite convention to Shoot at/attend, and why? I would say MTAC or Akaicon.

bakubabycosplay is Viktor, smol_paradox is Yuuri. Both on instagram!

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