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So, I haven't read super far into Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, but you can bet that I loooooove seeing it anyway. Eboni brings that beautiful flair of the cell/anime shading in their cosplays and I wanna hurry up and finish my cosplays from Jojo's so that I can crazy pose and be just as heckin' ridiculous as the rest of you. Someone get me started on my Stone Free cosplay. Lol. And while you're at it, check out Eboni_Napalm_Joestar.

What are your social media(s)? Facebook (Eboni Napalm Joestar - Cosplayer), Instagram (eboni_napalm_joestar).

How long have you been cosplaying? Ten years! (Since 2009).

What got you into Cosplay? I used to watch a lot of YouTube videos of people cosplaying and doing skits when I was younger, and I wanted to get in on their fun!

Favourite Costume? Was it bought or made? Diavolo, from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, is my favorite cosplay. It was made by myself and went through a couple revamps to get to where it is now, but I couldn’t be happier with the effort I’ve made.

What are your goals as a cosplayer? I’d like to be able to gain enough of a following to be considered “famous”, but mainly I want to get better at my crafting/sewing skills! Cosplay is a perfect way to do that. :)

Dream Cosplay? Spawn, from the Todd Macfarlane Image Comics.

Favourite Skill of Cosplay? (Wig work, sewing, armor, etc) Definitely wig work. I’ve gotten pretty good at doing basic styling and coloring.

Photographer credits: FluffyFoxPhotography and CosTon Photography~

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