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Fandom Father Photography

I've been friends with Jake for a few years, during the height of the Homestuck fandom. We've cosplayed together a few times, and more recently, he's dabbled in photographer and snapped a few pictures of me. I was able to bully him into the interview and I am so glad he finally caved.

What's your social medias so we can follow you?

The Fandom Father

IG: cordialharlequin

What got you into photography?

Weirdly enough, it was hearing people at conventions not getting photos taken of them or just never seeing the shots from the various photographers who floated around. I hopped on from there with a cheap Canon Powershot, and eventually upgraded a few years later to what I currently use.

What's your favorite part of photographing Cosplayers?

It's both sitting down and learning more about their characters (Be it watching the show, reading the comic, etc) and the moments in between each shot that are normally filled with jokes and the good times.

Any words of advice for your fellow photographers?

If you ever think to yourself "I don't need to bring water/snacks with me," rethink it. Don't be me, stuck in the middle of virtually nowhere with no drinks on hand on a hot summer day. :B

Apparently, he doesn't have a favorite genre/fandom, so he couldn't answer the fandom question.

Favorite convention to Shoot at/attend, and why?

I'd say Anime Central/Midwest/Con Alt Delete, which all use the same space. It gives just enough variety for the surroundings to allow for a lot of different cosplays and backdrops, plus the space is large enough that you can avoid the crowds when necessary and not have to worry about people getting in the way.

Cosplayer Credits: 2B is @sydney_aviana (IG)

Alice and The Mad Hatter are Bob and Brandy Wright

Ambitious Elf Jinx is @Seifernoir(IG)

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