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I always hate seeing how few followers some great artists have, and after checking out Foto, I'm honestly surprised he doesn't have more. He has some great effects and I think his work is pretty great. If you head up to ACen (Anime Central, usually the 2nd or 3rd weekend in May in Chicago/Rosemont. Beautiful convention, definitely go if you have the time and money.) definitely consider hiring him as your photographer!

What is your social media?

What got you into photography? Someone introduced it to me

What's your favorite part of photographing Cosplayers? Getting to see the variety of cosplay

Words of advice for budding photographers? Never stop shooting

Favorite Genre/Fandom you enjoy photographing? Star Wars (definitely gotta come to him when I finish my SW cosplays)

Favorite convention to Shoot at/attend, and why? Anime Central, close to home and have been a regular attendee for years

Cosplayer Credit: Anthony Barone

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