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I thought my first interview with a photographer should be the most stupendous MouzeycatPhotography. You can find her on Facebook at Mouzey Cat Cosplay Photographer, and on Instagram @Mouzeycatphotography. I have had a few shoots with her and am planning on selling prints of my cosplays with her in the near future.

How did you get into photography?

Originally I wanted to have nice photos for a blog about beauty products. That slowly turned into photographing animals, and then one of my coworkers asked me to photograph her children. After that, I continued to dive down into portraiture work that's lead me to a great path the past 10 years!

Favorite Part about photographing cosplayers?

That we both get to bring this fascinating character and world to life. We get to tell the story. (And boy, do we get to tell that story -SeiferNoir)

Any words of advice for fellow photographers?

Keep experimenting and figuring things out! Do not let others discourage you, and feel free to ask people questions. More than not people want to help!

What's your favorite Genre/Fandom you enjoy photographing the most?

Favorite genre would have to be magical girls! I always love editing ethereal images!

Favorite Convention to shoot at or attend?

Between Daisho because of the arcade or Anime St. Louis because of all the close by off site locations that are absolutely beautiful!

Cosplayer credits:

Silwen Cosplay-Sailor Galaxia

Sailor Moon Group-Pretty Guardians, Pluto- bombadil_cosplay Uranus- seifernoir Neptune- Stripeyspotsx Saturn- pandanat0r Jupiter- raichupoo Mercury- beesinginc chibi moon- hyrule_dragonslayer Mars- angieraaaah Venus- ladylikecosplay

Hawks- ivo.cos

Sidon+Mipha- rthetagrey

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