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Slayer Jinx Build - Wig

Jinx has been my bae since day 1, and so it is my goal to cosplay every single skin of hers. Slayer Jinx has been one of my cosplay goals for a while, so I'm glad I could finally get started on her! And just in time for Planet Comic Con in Kansas City. So I asked my friends on Facebook if I should make one HUGE MEGA POST for Slayer Jinx, or if I should break it up into several posts, like I did with Blastoise. Literally no one voted for the mega post, so lucky you, I get to write several posts about Jinx in order to help you become one with your inner Zombie Slayer. We'll start off with the wig, since that's what I started with, and work our way through down to the props of Jinx.

The tools I used: wig shears (Basic hair cutting sheers), pot (for dyeing), rit synthetic dye in pansy pink, tub for rinsing, Mane and Tail detangler spray, clear tacky glue, teaser brush, detangle brush, comb, hair dryer, needle and thread, seam ripper, 2mm craft foam, paint (Blue, black, grey/silver, green), wood glue, 14 gauge wire, scraps of purple knit (same fabric as my shirt), 2mm purple craft foam, bobby pins, toupee clips, pink insulation foam, utility knife, and 6mm foam.

Started out with a Sterling Silky Delilah wig from Arda Wigs and dyed it using synthetic pink dye. I used only one bottle of the regular Rit liquid dye and it came out the light pink (shown below). This was obviously unacceptable, so I went and bought two bottles of the synthetic dye. Watch the wig carefully while you dye this so it doesn't come out as dark as mine did. I enjoy this color, but it isn't exactly canon. But having spent $65 on the wig, I didn't have a choice. I rinsed it out, making sure to let it dry overnight. Then I took my detangle brush and brushed out that bad boy. This is quite a workout and will give you hella muscles. It took me about an hour to brush it out, and I only had one or two really bad spots. I separated how I wanted to have her hair, and braided the hair pieces so that I could step away, because boy howdy, that dyeing was stressful as hell.

I came back to her the next day or so, determined to get this turd done. So I took my seam ripper and slowly pulled out the stitches on the top of the wig, since the Delilah didn't have long enough bangs for Jinx. The wefts were Flamingo Silky long wefts, and I used about 3/4 of the package on my bangs. This took me hours to slowly scalp, then resew the bangs. Please remember to take breaks and snack/drink water. I sewed the wefts in backwards on purpose so that I could have an easier time styling the bangs. I got through 4 episodes of this baking show on Netflix, and would only take 5-10 minute breaks every hour or so, so that tells you, it was a hot minute. Once the wefts were in, I could finally start styling.

I started with the bangs, since they were in the way of basically everything else. I made her back swoop, then her middle, and finally made everything cascade to the side. To make the swoops, you'll use your teaser brush to make the pieces stand up. Then you'll gently comb out the worst of the tangles with it, finally gluing the tip and spraying with hairspray (optional). I also take my hair dryer to these pieces because I am impatient with dry times and I gotta get the rest of the wig done. I did this twice, then attempted my glued hairline. Having sewn the wefts in leaves a little bit of a bald spot between the two pinks of the wig, so you can use Arda's helpful glued hairline video. I used that video, and it was soooo helpful that I can't wait to use it again for my next cosplay that needs it! Once the bangs were styled, I sewed in toupee clips, and I was able to move on to the rest of the wig.

I trimmed the sides down because in several of her reference photos, they have shorter sides with the tails in the back. So I trimmed it down enough that you couldn't see the roots of the wig, and then moved to the tails. These were relatively simple, just making sure I kept the pieces separated, then tying long scraps (probably about 1"x20") around the top of the tails, then gluing them down, and adding the foam pieces over the ugly glued bits. I made little tubes (1.5"x2") to wrap and hand sew around the bottom, making sure to add glue so they wouldn't slip from the wig. I pinned the bun (Arda Classic Hair bun in Hot Pink), while I was waiting for the craft foam for the front hair pins to dry. These pieces are approximately 8"x.5". I painted with acrylic paint, then coated them in mod podge to seal in the paint, finally attaching and gluing the wire into it. They are held into the wig by bobby pins and are able to be folded at any length.

Now I was able to work on her scissors. When I had time, I thought about 3D printing them, but I am a born procrastinator and thought that foam might be lighter anyway. This wig is pretty heavy, so if I could cut corners and add as little as necessary, I'd be a happy camper. For this, I used the pink insulation foam (light as air) for the handle, cutting it with my dull utility knife (make sure yours is sharp), then cut the blades with 2mm foam (the white) and 6mm foam (black). I glued it all together, then coated it in wood glue. After it was dry, I painted it with acrylic paint, then splatter painted the green to look like she had used her scissors as a weapon. Then you mod podge that, allow it to dry, then pop that in the bun. If you pin your bun just right, it sits without moving, and weighs practically nothing.

All in all, this wig took me about 10 hours to style. If you aren't as experienced with wigs, or you take your time, it will take longer. Be patient, and it will come to fruition. And if at first you don't succeed, try try again. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to message me on here, facebook, or instagram! And if you enjoyed the tutorial, and would like to support me on my cosplay journey, you can donate a ko-fi! It's only $3 and helps me get my goals! Thank you for reading!

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