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I adore that most of the time cosplay photographers don't only do exclusively cosplay. Most of the time, they'll do weddings and portraits as well. This is especially true of Tay (the photographer behind the Spontaneous Photographer) and I am here for it! I love seeing the beauty of portraits, but I also love seeing how crazy and drastic the difference is with Cosplay photos. Tay is super talented and their hard work shows on their instagram, so definitely go give it a look-see. If you happen to be going to Naka in a couple weeks, definitely reach out to them for a session so they can expand their portfolio!

What is your social media(s)? Instagram: my main photography page is @thespontaneousphotographer but I post cosplay stuff on my person Instagram I also have a Facebook page for my business but I do not post on there as frequently. It is just “Spontaneous Photography” The coverphoto is a sleeping kitten and the profile photo is while and says spontaneous photography Taylor Ann.

What got you into photography? I started doing pet photography with my dad when I was in middle school and then started my own business in high school.

What's your favorite part of photographing Cosplayers? I’m currently trying to get more into cosplay photography but I haven’t not have many opportunities to work with cosplayers. I’m a portrait photographer because I enjoy meeting new people and learning about them as a human being and being able to bring out their personality in photos that make them feel confident and help uplift their spirits and feel good about themselves.

Words of advice for budding photographers? The more you can practice the more you will improve over time! Even if you do not have the beat gear, try to learn everything about your Cameron and don’t be afraid to go all manual. It will highly improve your photos and you will learn so much. Also YouTube university is pretty great.

Favorite Genre/Fandom you enjoy photographing? Characters with really bright colors! Sailor moon, Kingdom Hearts, basically anything anime or video game related I’m down for.

Favorite convention to Shoot at/attend, and why? I attend Naka-Kim every year because it is the closest convention to me and it’s easier to connect with people who are local. I also enjoy Nebraskon! If I could I would like to go to Katsukon or Colossalcon in Ohio for all of the beautiful photography opportunities!

Model Credits: One of the images is an example of my latest work style as a portrait photography and that was @kayreneekc. The fairy was my friend @brynniebun and Pirate was another friend @Arista0225 while we were at RenFest this past year. Moana was an unplanned shot while I was at First Friday and met @mslunaflare in the streets so that was a quick photoshop to make it look a little bit nicer. And the male model is my boyfriend @calizguillermo in his bloodborn cosplay I helped him make for NakaKon.

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