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I'm always blown away by some of the amazing work that photographers are able to create with their subjects. UtopiaHound is no different and they really make me want to create a K/DA cosplay just so I can shoot with them! Having started interviewing photographers, it just gives me a longer list to shoot with because y'all so talented. Definitely check out UtopiaHound and book them, 100% worth it.

What is your social media? Instagram: @utopiahound

What got you into photography? My dad taught me as a child, as an adult I started shooting so I could photograph my own cosplays but wound up having a ton of fun shooting other people too.

What's your favorite part of photographing Cosplayers? I love helping people show off their work and feel awesome in photos!

Words of advice for budding photographers? Keep practicing! Try new things and learn with every shoot, everyone starts somewhere and passion carries you a long way.

Favorite Genre/Fandom you enjoy photographing? I love shooting Bungo Stray Dogs, it’s my favorite show!

Favorite convention to Shoot at/attend, and why? Katsucon is gorgeous for shoots and as an attendee it draws so many people from all over and I love that.

Cosplayer Credits: @leeleethebunny @decemberwynn @fawnina @bribeechii @luckygrim

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