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Vaughn Photography Studio

I first met Devin at Colossalcon, I believe almost 5 years ago. He was wielding a camera, immensely shy, but super sweet and very welcoming. In those 5 years, I have spoken about so many wonderful things and watched him really develop his talents and create this business for himself. He is such an amazing friend, a great photographer, and such a great pillar in the community, and he deserves all the respect and kind words you can give him. One of these days I will get to meet his sugar gliders and it will be GLORIOUS. On a side note, if you have time around July, definitely check out his convention Akaicon. It's a wonderful convention in Tennessee and they do so many wonderful things that not a lot of other cons do. They have a wide variety of panels, a cosplay burlesque show, a great variety of artists and vendors, and a huge gaming area. Their staff are amazing and even though it smaller than say ACen, it's always worth the drive and I have never felt safer at a con. Anyways, enough about the con, let's talk about Devin.

What is your social media(s)? Wheres_devin or Vaughn Photography Studio

What got you into photography? Long time of family taking pictures every waking moment. But also a memory that's forever.

What's your favorite part of photographing Cosplayers? Reactions to returned images.

Words of advice for budding photographers? Don't compare yourself. Always learn new tricks. Lightroom is your friend. Don't let people take advantage of you.

Favorite Genre/Fandom you enjoy photographing? JRPG, Shonen, shoujo, HORROR

Favorite convention to Shoot at/attend, and why? HolMat or Katsu for the lighting and environment. Momo to attend.

Cosplayer credits: Caleigh and crystalprism

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