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Socially Distanced Photo shoots

It's starting to get warm again, and it's been almost a year of shut downs and social distancing. I've only done photo shoots with my partner for the most part, save for two photo shoots later last year that I was in a group for. It's been a hard year, especially since I wanted to up my print selection, as well as my skills posing. I definitely feel rusty, but as vaccines are rolling out, we need to make sure we continue to keep those of us that cannot get vaccinated (either yet or at all) safe while enjoying ourselves. So listed below are some ways to keep yourself and others healthy and safe while maintaining social distancing.

First and foremost: Don't be stupid. Going out and partying all the time and putting yourself at risk is dumb and selfish. If you have a photo shoot scheduled with a photographer that you don't live with or is part of your very close circle, don't put your photographers at risk. These folks need to make a living as well and it wouldn't be fair to risk not only them, but their other clients as well. If you know you've been exposed, let your photographer know immediately and try to reschedule to after the quarantine period. It's better to wait and make sure that you're not sick than risk losing either yourself or someone else.

Secondly, wear a mask to and from the photo shoot. If the photographer wants to show you a photo on their screen, you are going to be getting closer than six feet, and you want to continue that safe boundary as much as you can. The best course of action is to pick a shoot location that isn't riddled with pedestrians and other folks enjoying the beautiful weather. Open, wide areas where there aren't narrow walkways are best, and most of the time, during the week isn't as crowded, if you are able to swing that.

If at all possible, try to restrain from larger groups or extra people that aren't involved in the photo shoot. If your group consists of three people, and your costumes are manageable without a handler, it's best to leave that friend at home this go-around. This goes the same for the photographer as well! It's everyone's job to make sure we take care of everyone to the best of our abilities! If the photographer needs an assistant, they should let it be known before the shoot (usually in the contract) that they will be bringing a plus one or two. There really isn't a need for a whole entourage unless you're doing a staged shoot.

Your photographer should also do their best to be wearing a mask at all times during the shoot as well. It does become more difficult for folks with glasses, but there are many ways to prevent fogging up to keep that excuse to a minimum. If your photographer refuses to wear a mask, it may be a good idea to look for a different avenue to get your shoots done. Don't put your life at risk for cosplay. There's always plenty of time to get those beautiful shots and flaunt your gorgeous self. I just want what's best for everyone and to make sure that we have a safe transition back into cosplaying regularly.

Photo by: Blondecosphotog (On Insta!)

It's also worth mentioning that cosplay, while fun, is still a want, rather than a need. So if you're one of the millions of folks suffering from under-employment or health issues that put you even more at risk, it may be a good idea to take a little more of a break from cosplay to make sure that you are fed, medicated, and have a roof over your head. One day, we'll be in a better place where this pandemic won't have us in a choke hold.

Be safe and if you happen to have any fun photo shoots, please let us know below! I love seeing everyone out there having a safe, fun time!

Photo by: MimooUniverse (found on Instagram and facebook!)

Models: CurvyKittyCosplay, Pretty Sammy, and yours truly!

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