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Starting Healthy Habits

This is really important to me, especially right now, because I'm trying to create a healthier me amidst all the stress of cosplay, my business, real life, and social obligations. I've been unhappy with my body for a while, and although I am not overweight, I really don't like my body jiggling as much as it does when I walk. That isn't to say that anyone else is gross or anything for being overweight, I'm specifically talking about myself. I am a firm believer of not judging others about their own lifestyle (until it becomes unhealthy) and even then, all I can offer is advice. Which is why I'm sharing this blog post with you all.

When I first started my business full time (Yes, I make kigus and cosplays full time) I didn't have a schedule, I went to bed late, woke up late, and ate terribly. I created a negative loop for myself, and overworked myself even to the point where I get anxiety when I take Mondays off. This has caused a lot of unnecessary stress that really tore down my mental state. If you are like me and have any mental blocks (I'm bipolar and have severe anxiety) this can really mess up a lot of work and progress that may need to be completed within a timely manner.

For me, the easiest way to get out of my crippling depression, is to give myself at least one day to just breathe and unwind. My triggers are usually a project I don't want to complete, or too much negativity from others. I do my best to cheer others up and create a safe environment for them and myself, but remember that you can only help others as much as they will allow. You cannot make them take your advice, but you also don't have to sit there and allow them to keep complaining. If you do not want to better your life, it isn't up to your friends to keep helping you, giving you advice, or listening to you complain about the same thing. If you are unhappy with life, it is up to you to fix it. When I write out my feelings in my journal, I usually feel better. It helps me wind down the day and gives me the opportunity to write out what I'm planning on doing the next day. Even if I write down three or four plans, I may not get all of them done. Things come up and impede my work progress, and while I may get irritated, I don't allow that to ruin my day.

In reality, if I write down three things, I will probably only get one or two done. It's rare that I ever fully get all three goals finished. But, I can't let myself get tied up in not finishing everything on my list. There will always be tomorrow. If something is really important, I may wake up earlier than usual to finish everything on my list, but I'm not a morning person. I try to give myself adequate time to wake up and get ready for the day, usually setting my alarm for 8:30. I've recently started a diet so that I could lose the weight, and have gotten a gym membership. My thought process is: "If I pay to go work out, I'll actually go work out, otherwise, it's wasted money." Set yourself up a schedule. If you really want something bad enough, you'll do what you can to make it happen. If it is important to you, you'll make it happen.

At first, I set aside three days for the gym. Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturdays. But my weekends are usually laid back and I try not to work too hard, so I up'd my days to add in Sunday. I have a family history of addictive personalities and health problems, so that added to my need to go to the gym. I created this goal to make going to the gym a habit. Tolia is listening to an audio book right now that says, "It takes an average of 66 days to develop an action into a habit." For some, it takes less, and for others or more difficult actions, it can take up to 150 days or more. In order to create this habit, you have to actively think about the action and want to meet your goals. You can't make a weight loss goal and then not do anything about it. You have to actively seek out the ways to make your goals happen.

Hyping yourself up can be helpful, but also having a supportive system of friends, family, followers is also super helpful and can keep you on track. Some days will be hard to focus and stay on task, but know that you can do it. I've been so lucky to have such wonderful friends who are also getting fit to bounce my hype off of. There are also apps to help you stay focused. Currently, I'm using Couch to 5k, and it's great to help me keep my pace on the treadmill or elliptical, and others can see my progress. It helps me keep the schedule, and if you decide to use it, my name on there is SeiferNoir! I'd love to follow you and encourage you on your journey as well.

To create this schedule, you should write it down. Keep a rough guesstimate of time in your head of how long each task will take, and write it down. If you write down your schedule, there is a physical reminder of what you should be working on or doing. Keeping organized, and attempting to stay organized can create that healthy habit-forming attitude. I always write down my tentative plans in my journal, then write them on my calendar, and even have some friends message me to ask what's on my plate for the day! My friends want the best for me, and I for them. If you can't say the same, maybe it's time for a change in friends.

Starting these healthy changes all at once can be staggering, so it's best to start one and then add more as the month or year goes on. I started being positive this year (and I know it doesn't work for everyone) and have added in my diet, and finally have started working out. By creating these goals for myself and maintaining a headstrong attitude, I have created a healthy path for myself. It's also okay to take the negativity you've received (I was made fun of all the time for my weight and looks by family, friends, and classmates) and turn that into petty revenge. Take that anger and create an amazing you that will make their jaws drop. My father and mother said I would never amount to anything with my choice in career, but I am proving them wrong. Every day that I am doing what I love and making money, I am proving them wrong and showing that they are toxic, that they shouldn't be listened to. Use that energy to prove the haters wrong. You've got this, I know you do.

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