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Staying Focused on the Project at Hand

We all have the problem where you look at a project and you get started, but then something comes and distracts you from your current build. I know I suffer from that, which is why my Fire Nation Suki remains unfinished in its tote until the day I can breathe and finish the skirt, shoes, and wig. But for right now, I'm going to help you try to stay focused on your builds.

Alright, so you have your build, however simple or complicated it may be, and you've started working on it, maybe even made some significant progress, but you started watching a new series and you HAVE. TO. COSPLAY. THIS. CHARACTER. I've been there. I know that internal struggle, but we gotta stay focused friends. So what do we do? We gotta take a step back, and breathe. Add it to the growing list of cosplans and come back to it, either when we can afford it, or when our current build is done.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking a break from a current project and creating something else while you are working on your big build. I'll do this if I have a project that is irritating me, or I just need to take a mental break because my skills may not be to the level I feel they need to be in order to complete the project to my satisfaction. You should never rush yourself to complete a project just to make others happy. I literally did that with Battle Bunny Riven (I completed that project in 24 hours; EVERYTHING. Wig, bunny suit, sword.) and I HATED myself afterwards. Don't ever put yourself in that position, it'll burn you out so quickly, and you may snap at those closest to you (I am so sorry Tolia.) Pace yourself in order to create the work of art YOU want to see yourself in.

You can always create a schedule to finish certain pieces, and reward yourself for a job well done. It helps to see the mistakes after a small break because most of the time, we're so close to the piece that we can see the glue dry at a molecular level. By taking that mental break, we can learn what we may need to improve or redo, while also being able to admire the progress we've made. Have a clear head when approaching the piece you're on or else you are going to be prone to larger mistakes. If you are anything like me, you'll hate having to redo a piece. I honestly usually just drop it after it's finished. The only exception being the Battle Bunny Riven Carrot Sword, and Bakugou's hero outfit because I want to show how I've improved.

When you are working on your build, it's best to shut out unnecessary distractions. Let your friends/followers/family know that you are going offline for a little and not to contact you for a little. It's alright to ask for some space. I always turn my ringer off and put it on the other side of the room if I am trying to finish a project because I don't want to be bothered. If your friends don't understand why you need this space, you may need to get better friends. But that's an article for another time. Most of the time, friends will understand that you are human and you need space. Sometimes, it's even good to have others over to build with you. As long as you know that it isn't a social hangout, but a working one, it usually ends well. I do know that I have a tendency to talk to my friends if they are over, so I prefer to be left alone while building. I think the only time that changes is when I am helping them finish their projects.

Remember, if you take breaks, that's alright, but if you take too long, you may get disinterested in the project, and then you'll have 100 unfinished cosplays that really could have been finished eons ago. (Guilty.) You have to set those goals and keep them, or have really supportive, pushy friends that know your true nature and are willing to give you the kick in the ass you need to complete your next cosplay. Finding those friends is probably what's kept me going in cosplay for as long as I've done it. And I appreciate every one of them.

I wish you the best of luck maintaining your focus on your current builds. I just finished Kurama, so I'm buying the supplies for my next one! If you've followed me, you'll know which one is next on my chopping block! If you need some help, I am always available for 15 minute sessions for free, or hour long sessions for $15 where I will spend that entire hour helping you pick out materials, wigs, shoes, or whatever you need to make your next project special! You'll click the "Book Now" button in the top task bar. Thank you once again for reading my ramblings.

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